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  1. P3D, FSX, and XP10 support with GTN and GNS gauges, as well as an upcoming G600 PFD/MFD http://www.reality-xp.com/#slider
  2. The three coworkers that I suggested to go with nvidia went the AMD route and now have shitty perf in clouds.... that's why you want nvidia in fsx. Play other games? No doubt AMD is usually the best bet.
  3. If you're buying from scratch you need to put about $1000 into an FSX computer (bare minimum) to run it "well." You want something along these lines: i5 2500K overclocked with aftermarket cooler (Corsair H70/80/100 or Noctua DH14) Z68 motherboard 4GB ram, cas 7-8-7-24 should be fine (I'd get 8GB personally) GTX 560ti at a minimum (don't go ATI/AMD) Decent PSU, don't get cheap either, go with Seasonic or Corsair TXv2/AX 750w or so... Plus all the peripherals, OS, etc etc - it will add up fast.
  4. Whenever I try to leave feedback at your site (via this page: http://denartcc.org/a/feedback) I get a My SQL error or something after pressing submit.
  5. WooHoo! And I'm all alone... wife and baby out of town! Thank goodness I have all my virtual friends on vatsim
  6. We need an event because today is my birthday!
  7. Be sure to unzip all the PNW files into a folder then run the installer.. it's a problem no Win7.
  8. Yeah the scenery (or lack thereof) is a major issue for me. I'm a GA flyer 90% of the time and flying in and out of small airports is my thing. XP9 (hopefully 10 is a lot better) is just plain nasty for default small airports. But I've seen some promising features in 10 and some excellent planes. Hopefully I'll be a dual user when 10 does come out.
  9. Hmmm, not familiar with nvidia 7200/7300. Is that an onboard card? If so, be sure to disable the onboard video in the BIOS.
  10. Don't get me wrong, the preview shots I've seen of 10 look incredible! I'm not an XP-hater... just like to fly my small plane, VFR and IFR, frequently outside of larger cities. And I choose the best sim for that - at the moment it happens to be FSX. Maybe the guy who touted the XP scenery only flies at LOWI (isn't that the demo scenery with nice terminal and textures hehe?) but I don't. I'm excited to see what the final XP10 RTM product will bring to the simming table. It's unfortunate that the CRJ project was cancelled - those preview videos were outstanding and I was sad to see it
  11. rofl how true that they'd try to do this... "adios amigos!"
  12. ??? Unless you've got some new and advanced scenery the stock FSX textures are far better than XP's... XP's stock airport scenery is a wasteland compared to X. "Not a taxi simulator" lol... Last time I checked in order to fly one needs to start on ground. What's the point of only simulating the flying part? You're telling me you jump in the game in the air?
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