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  1. I think it's the same thing but mine works by clicking and dragging on the HDG select in r12.
  2. Why is it always the same airports? With the best of respect to my division, I'm just glad not to see any London airports
  3. That's always been available through autotools and MAPS. You need to consult VP Membership for the docomeent which gives details on how to do this.
  4. If it is for all radars concerned, I believe it is technically called a gate.
  5. Congratulations Martin! I'll make sure they have cheddar cheese and pineapple on a stick at the post-appointment party. Luke
  6. When controlling the Fly and See Santa event last Christmas we had instances like, "[callsign], report santa in sight" "[callsign], contact rudolph radar, xxx.xxx" "[callsign], be advised, the war is over, contact director xxx.xxx"
  7. Nice work Apostolos. A credit to the community. Well done!
  8. Maybe this is something that Nils could integrate into the OCC plugin. L
  9. I think that the situation would need to be avoided by prefixing the transmission with "Stand" or "Gate".
  10. Can't it be done in a way similar to the ground status tags?
  11. Luke Cunningham


    Hi All, I have yet another crazy request for a plugin! Is it possible to create a "Clearance to Land indicator"? For those who don't know what they are or what they do, when conducting a precision approach, or surveillance radar approach, a landing clearance must be obtained from the tower to the radar controller, typically it's done through a panel with a button that says "Request". That throws up a notification to the tower controller with 3 options, "Continue, Go Around or Land" and they can be chosen respectively. Can anyone take on the challenge? L
  12. Glad to hear that Jesus is on the road to recovery! My thoughts are still with him and his family through the traumatic time. Regards,
  13. Why, there are real systems in use like that Wow, more than just the bearing to the transmitter? This is one of the newer up-to-date VDF systems. http://www.copperchase.co.uk/air-traffic-engineering/vdf.aspx
  14. So there is no possibility of having the primary radar "clutter" displayed with the aircrafts trail?
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