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  1. Good work and congrats! from all pilots!!!!
  2. Hi Mr. Smith, This is a very nice region to flght. It is a pity that there is a difference of 13 hours between our countries, because at the time that I have flown, you are sleeping.. But no problem, because I invited more 3 pilots of the same rating to fly with me in all airports in the region. I hope that is no problem. In the past 5 days I did more than 10,000 miles, and always hope for the help of you for my constant learning and exchange of experiences. Sorry for my limited English, and have goods flights Renato Moura
  3. Hi Simmers, I´m a Brazillian pilot, and my VA (http://www.cruzeirovirtual.com) has designated to me to fly 100 hours over Oceania, with NTAA as HUB. If you see me over this region, don´t forget to send me a short message... Have a nice fly to everyone. Renato Moura - CRZ019 Regards
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