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  1. I just upgraded to xsb 1.02 from 1.00 and here the buzz prior to each other person's transmission. Same with 1.01. If I go back to 1.00 it disappears... I am on xplane 8.65 FAA approved version (www.flypfc.com) and 1.02 of xsb.
  2. Appears that setting is only available in rendering options, in ver 9.x. I'm stuck in 8.6x for now, as my current sim doesnt support 9.x. Any way to do the same in 8.6? If not, I'll suffer until I upgrade the sim.
  3. a nice side effect of the traffic workaround is that you can put speakers on the MASTER, for engine/prop sound, and use Headset for the FRONT, for xsquawkbox radio, and turn down all the xplane sounds. Now I don't have to hear xplane sounds in my headset, but hear them in the background, as it should be..
  4. Perfect. Then you will be in the camp as me, with the same problem. I'm sure it will get fixed fast! I did set it up on the front view, and moved my headset to that PC, and I can see traffic on the front exterior monitor. I can also switch views on the yolk to "look" 45 degrees etc. Vatsim and Xplane get real time weather at different times, or from different places, as the front screen sometimes is out of wack with the others on visibility, ceiling etc. Having a "slave" login for vatsim, that just sends traffic info, could be an easy solution, and you could just have the plugin on each mac
  5. Like this link: http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=22552&highlight=aircraft, I also see all aircraft as the same, An Alaska Airlines jet. The planes also tend to be half way "underground". I presume these are FSX aircraft, and of course, x-plane has different airport layouts. I am using all the airport custom sceneries from TED. The link above refers to "proper Install" of XSB. I put the folder and file specified in resources/plugin directory. I think that is all that is required. I didn't find any other reference to CLS files that could be additionally added. So xsb eith
  6. I have this same problem with the current version of xsquawkbox on two different machines. I revert to 1.00 and the problem has not come back. I suspect a sound card specific conflict, but that is just a guess. Only some people seem to have an issue.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply Wade. I'm from Nashville, so next time I am down there, I'll try to bribe you into doing it! In the interim, is it better to a)change xsquawkbox to the front view slave (seems like I'd lose weather) or b)change the Master machine to be the front view, and at least have traffic visible in the center view, and change the old front view to the instructor station. (maybe I just answered my own question) Thanks for making xsquawkbox. I am an instrument rated, multi engine pilot, and Vatsim is proving to be almost as stressful as the real thing! ie great training.
  8. just found this post: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=33299&st=0#entry374803 which basically says that xsquawkbox does not support mirroring traffic from the main view to the slave views in x-plane. Putting xsquawkbox on the "front view" is proposed as a "workaround". I'll try that and advise. Great wishlist item for ver 1.03.....
  9. Ok, so I withheld some info that I just realized. I actually am using a 4 view setup, with 4 computers. the MAIN computer is the instructor station, and the three SLAVE views are the forward, left and right. Because the MAIN PC is the one running xsquawkbox, it is the only one that is seeing traffic. Of course, it was set up as the cockpit panel, so didnt have an outside view. Once I changed the view to outside, I saw the traffic! So, now I know why I wasnt seeing traffic on the outside views (because the xsquawkbox plugin isnt on the slaves). What I DONT know is: How I can get the slave, outs
  10. I changed the # of planes in the aircraft and situations to 10, and in xsquawkbox it is set to 50. I still don't see any traffic. I'll check with ATC next time I am online to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure there is actually an aircraft near me. There were a couple landing last night right next to me, but I didnt see them. Any other parameters to change? Do I need to download additional aircraft models? The aircraft screen had some parameters for "teams". I left all of that as the default.
  11. Your advise is well taken, no insult whatsoever. No monopoly on good ideas when it comes to aviation. I'm just cranking up the box, and have the en route charts in hand. Thanks again for the idea. The G1000 is a FMS, and one can EASILY get complacent. This will be good practice. Besides, what if I need to fly a plane in the clouds with no fancy computer?
  12. very good advise Wayne. I am an newly instrument rated, multi engine private pilot. I grew up on all G1000 aircraft: 172sp G1000, Diamond DA42 twin, and now Citation Mustang VLJ. I have to admit, that with the fancy box, I didn't/don't spend alot of time with those skills, but will now go do some, as you suggest. My sim is actually a PFC (www.flypfc.com) MFD Desktop, Baron G58, so I still use the G1000 for programming/flying flight plans, SID, STARS etc. I'll heed your advise, and get some old school lessons in there.... I'll have to dig up some actual paper charts.....
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