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  1. There will be continued maintenance on the server this weekend including the expected movement of the forum. Please be aware that vatsim-uk.org emails are temporarily down whilst the move is completed.
  2. The server is now up, for how long we're not sure. Thanks goes to the efforts of Netconnex for continued hosting and support.
  3. Simple answer is the Server has a major fault, it is overheating with the CPU running at 83°C. We are aware and are trying to recover the server as best we can.
  4. Forum now live, please read the thread "UK FORUM - PLEASE READ"
  5. Firstly, Chris Phillips will be stepping down as Web Services Manager (posh name for Webmaster), he has a lot of time taken from him now courtesy of his young children and more time at work. Chris, I personally thank you for the effort and time you've committed to the position. Steve Wood has now accepted the role as Web Services Manager VATUKW1, welcome back to staff Steve.. Chris Phillips.. Yes, him again! Is accepting a role of Web Services [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant. He still has a lot to contribute to the site and I thank him for considering this during this trying time for hi
  6. All I am VERY pleased to announce the UK Forum at www.vatsim-uk.org/forum is now back online, I thank everyone for their patience whilst we got the forum operational again. I also thank Norman Blackburn, Nick Partridge, Chris Phillips and the Web Team for their efforts, along with all the members who have put their time aside to test the new forum's operation. Please however be aware - your login may not work as it was... if you find it is not, then please email forumsupport [at] vatsim-uk [dot] org (change the obvious). Once live please remember to set your ID to Firstname Lastna
  7. IMPORTANT! All, please be aware the new VATUK Forum is NOT I repeat NOT live yet. Although there is a presence on the old forum pages, it is only under testing at the minute, I ask that all be patient. Thanks.
  8. OK to sum up what happened: Backup taken of entire SQL Databases MySQL upgraded PHP Upgraded Lots of hours not focusing on DBs due to real world things getting in the way such as work, and earning money to live. Looked at DBs, DBs corrupt. Lots of hours not focusing on DBs due to real world things getting in the way such as work, and earning money to live. Restored DBs (remotely - over 3GB on a 256kb upstream), data not complete nor being accepted due to outages courtesy BT. Lots of hours not focusing on DBs due to real world things getting in the way such as work, and earning money
  9. Er exactly.. not been up at all! The forum is wholly out of action, it has not been restarted since it was taken down for maintenance.
  10. Errr.. the forum's not been up yet - at all??? http://www.vatsim-uk.org/forum/
  11. OK the site's back up, NCX haven't confirmed they are finished moving stuff at the minute, so it may only be temporary.
  12. Apologies for this chaps. The server is currently being moved around Telehouse to a new rack whilst the ISP who kindly provides us with bandwidth services gains some more space. It should be back up soon.
  13. We do NOT do trials by forum, nor do we name and shame members, if they do or do not make mistakes. I am utterly appalled at this posting and is now being considered for disciplinary action. Thread locked. You and the majority of all members here are aware there is a complaints procedure if you have a problem with the service received. For those unaware, if you have a complaint regarding service received, an email should be raised to the Director and Deputy Director. It will then be reviewed accordingly.
  14. The main VATSIM-UK Forum can be found at: http://www.vatsim-uk.org/forum/ Kind Regards Lee Redmayne UK Divisional Director, VATSIM.net VATSIM Supervisor
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