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  1. +1 There is no reason to fill the RMK box with all these unnecessary information which no ATC reads. You can instead write your call sign (if it's not a common one), if you are a new pilot etc. Just my opinion...
  2. There is no theme picker at the bottom left of the page or I cannot see it.🤓
  3. Just to let you know that the issue appeared after you launched the new default theme. Thank you for looking into that.
  4. It seems that there is an issue with some css in Safari 13.1 (macOS Catalina 10.15.4)
  5. Had the same issue with any TTS voice. I byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed it by editing TL manually inside the ARPT COND window.
  6. Out of topic but I cannot resist to ask...is Charlie Brown your real name?
  7. Same issue for me today, although yesterday was working perfect. Windows 10 Pro.
  8. I control thru Parallels on my iMac on Euroscope and the standalone AFV client with no issues.
  9. Try the following: Open Parallels Control Center-->Options-->Hardware-->Mouse & Keyboard and select "Optimize for games" for Keyboard. https://prnt.sc/piwjxs
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