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  1. As one of the representatives of the VATSIM Membership Department I have taken the time to look up your account information and can confirm that your account is active and you should be able access the VATSIM network. I invite you to connect to VATSIM and enjoy its services, and trust that with this situation now being resolved, you lashing out at VATSIM departments and members has come to an end.
  2. Allow me to provide some input. VATSIM as a whole has taken large steps towards protecting all members' privacy. VATSIM is compliant with real world data protection regulations, ensuring that all members' data is kept safe and via the published Data Protection and Handling Policy, VATSIM provides members reassurance and transparency in its data handling practices. Not too long ago, VATSIM added section A4(b) to the VATSIM Code of Conduct allowing members to use a variety of approved name conventions which do not reveal a member's full first and last name while connected to the n
  3. Hello. Please open a ticket at https://support.vatsim.net/. As a help topic please select the region your VATSIM account is assigned to, e.g. Membership VATSIM Asia Pacific. Thank you.
  4. Looking good, my friend! I am glad to see that the Concorde still finds some love. Truly a masterpiece of engineering from before most of us were even born!
  5. A very nice video, well done! I tried to look at the website, but the website link takes me directly to a login. Is there a way to look at the website without having an account with the VA?
  6. Hello and welcome to VATSIM! If you do not pass the new member orientation test, there is a 1 hour waiting period before it is automatically reassigned. The 1 hour time period in between is to allow you to review the new member orientation course material again, to better understand the information and give you a better chance at scoring well on the next attempt. The test has been reassigned. Good luck!
  7. Hello Deanna and welcome to VATSIM! This does seem to be a tech glitch and I was able to separately confirm that you passed the P0 exam with flying colors. Well done! I have activated your account. Should you encounter difficulties connecting to VATSIM or using any of the VATSIM web services, please reach out to the Membership Department by opening a ticket at https://support.vatsim.net/.
  8. Hello Simi and welcome to VATSIM! Please reach out to the VATSIM Membership Department by opening a ticket at https://support.vatsim.net/ and we can assist you. At this time you not being able to connect to VATSIM is unrelated to the new member orientation exam. Thank you!
  9. Passwords used to be numeric only until a point when VATSIM decided to change passwords to be more secure. While this change initially only affected new members, now, whenever a VATSIM member self-reactivates their account, or chooses to use the "forgotten password" function, their old password is changed to a new one, following the security standard VATSIM has implemented after above described change. New VATSIM passwords consist of numbers, as well as upper and lower case letters.
  10. Hello. Your password has not been numeric only for a few months already. I suggest you visit https://my.vatsim.net/reset and reset your password, as it seems that you do not have the correct password memorized / written down. If you require further assistance, please open a ticket at https://support.vatsim.net where Membership Department staff members can help you.
  11. Hello Marc, Allow me to recommend that you write your message in English. This may allow more members to understand the challenge you are facing and provide suitable support. While VATSIM has members from all over the world, also from French speaking countries, most communication is carried out in English, and generally sees better results when assistance is sought.
  12. I would like to take this opportunity and thank Norman Blackburn for his service to the VATSIM network as Vice President of Conflict Resolution. Norman, your contributions have been immeasurable and am grateful for to have had the opportunity to work with you, and also for your department. Every time I asked for your help, your advice or a second opinion on a matter, you were always there and happy to help. After 13 years of service as VPCRM, you have earned your retirement many times over. I wish you all the best. Your successor has big shoes to fill! Thank you, sir!
  13. The VATSIM Membership Department is seeking applications for the position of VATSIM Membership Manager. The primary responsibilities of the position include: • Providing one on one [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance to VATSIM members in membership related matters through the VATSIM Membership Department Help Desk ticket system • Any other tasks [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned by the VATSIM Vice President of Membership and his designee(s) Position requirements: • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of application • Be a member of the VATSIM network for no less than 24 months at the time
  14. I think the VATSIM authorized (pilot) training organizations, while all taking a slightly different approach to teaching and examining their students, all do an outstanding job and deserve a huge thank you for their efforts. They do not hand out medals, you get a pilot rating as a certificate of your VATSIM piloting knowledge once a part of the curriculum has been completed and the exam(s) p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed. Lets all remember that some members join VATSIM at an age as young as 13 years and may be exposed to the operation of a (virtual) airplane for the first time in their lives. Sa
  15. Hello. If you are flying on VATSIM, the following applies: For IFR flight, you are required to file a flight plan, irrespective if controllers are covering the airspace you are operating in or not. For VFR flight, it is optional, but recommended. I hope this helps.
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