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  1. The fact that vPilot can't publish the VMR file doesn't mean we can't use the already downloaded VMR right?. I agree 100%. VATSIM is slowly decaying, online virtual communities too, and nobody cares.
  2. same here, it doesn't happen quite often but it happens, solution was restarting pc.
  3. Any luck with ICE AI v5 + VMRGenerator?, It has a lot of updated airlines so it would be great to make it work.
  4. Mine crashes too, it shouldn't crash. The idea behind vPilot is be an independent app so if FSX crashes vPilot shouldn't.
  5. quick question, I read that you are already developing the x-plane version, do you have plans to make the OS Pilot Client compatible with FS9 on the near future?.
  6. Airline matching is in some way 'eye-candy',but aircraft-type matching must be near perfect. Squawkbox has a list with tons of Aircraft and Airlines, selecting one is as simple as typing 'b' '737' and choose your specific model. On the new client you could include an auto-update service, everytime you start the client it will update the Airline and Aircraft ICAO codes from a database, that shouldn't be hard to implement. The last thing that could be added, are some warnings, before you connect 'Are you sure you want to connect without selecting your aircraft type', 'Your model could not b
  7. I'm not talking about callsign here, I'm talking about ICAO Airline codes, for model matching compatibility, standardization is the best way to make progress on it. I've seen that a lot of people are not aware of the importance about Aircraft selection and Airline selection when you connect to VATSIM. Some people thing that just because they enter as AALXXX and had selected a B737-800 other VATSIM users will see him as an American Airlines B737-800, you would be surprised if you type .cheat model and you see how many people had correctly configured their Aircraft type and Airline. We
  8. Hey!. I was looking some Airline ICAO codes and an idea just popped-up, is it possible to create a VATSIM database with all the ICAO codes available. Virtual Airlines could submit request to add their own ICAO, if they are not real airlines (real ICAO codes would be obviously added by default, and updated continuously, by users requests or by VATSIM admins). The new client would just have to update the database. This will help a lot the model matching system. The database could have this information. ICAO - Airline Name - thumbnail - website - links to AI repaints (website just a
  9. Gonzalo, this app sounds very interesting, could you share it with me or point me to where I can find info? Thanks, Hi! I appreciate your interest, but to be honest I didn't plan to release it to the public, it was just a Python draft script that I created just to test FSUIPC with Python API and to play with some FSUIPC offsets, BUT I could clean it up a little bit to create a release candidate. I'm currently testing the app, and has some deficiencies (Every time that you receive a message on the chatbox it calls, so you have to manually pause it when you are private chatting with o
  10. Amazing project, really I couldn't believe all the features that I was reading on the specifications list, some of them where above my imagination. I have a question about the SDK, I'm currently using a custom made app that calls me when I have a 'Contact me' message. Squawkbox interface offers an offset on the SDK to announce incoming chat, Private Conversation pop messages, info and error events. Will the new client have this included on the SDK?. Many people are requesting different ways to configure how does the client advise you on an incoming Contact Me/Private chat, a SDK option cou
  11. Hola a todos. La aerolínea Chilena SouthVirtual Airlines (Ex LanVirtual) necesita su colaboración, ya que en Octubre podría desaparecer definitivamente. Para mas información visiten la web southvirtual.com Gracias por la colaboración ... Saludos. Gonzalo Ramazco (STH1476)
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