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  1. Hi everyone, We ( French ATC ) are trying to book as much as possible over France, the French Vatsim division is not that old and since one year we do have almost double the number of active controlers. The little one is growing ... And we try to ensure as much French and English ATC at all positions staffed. So be welcome to fly in france specialy on Friday night our ONLINE day. We also have a special LFPG ( Paris Charles De Gaulle ) night every first sunday of the month and a VFR night every tuesday in south of France or Corsica. See you there. Jeff
  2. Dear Controlers friend, i'm writing today to all of you as a pilot. I had this experience today flying in one of our country and having trouble to understand the controller that were online. My english is not that bad but sometime it is really hard to understand on the network for a lot of reason. And today I have been requesting by voice and text to get text message on top of voice without any luck unfortunatly. i'm also controlling in France and we ( I can speak for all my French colleagues ) are trying to speak englis as much as we can and I'm personnaly texting any of my message if I get no answer or if I think that I may be not understanded by the pilot. I' m asking all controller on the network to do the same. Not all the pilot have the same english level and text is always usefull in this case. So next time a pilot is not replying or asking you to text , please do it so and the pilot and controllers life will be much more easy. thank for you understanding. Jeff ( French Pilot and Controller ).
  3. Jeff, Thanks for your reply. I have been sending mail to Rob and I thing he may be busy. No real complain from me but our event is in 24 hours and we are 2 controllers asking to "visit" and no answer from the Oceanian staff. The event is starting monday 19.00 Z. Thank you for your help. Jeff
  4. Dear Friend from Oceania and Pacific. The French division of VATSim is organizing a VFR event in french Polynesia on May 12th beetwen 19.00 and 21.00 Z time. during this event we would like to provide control for our pilotes over NTAA and NTTB. Stanilas Chavelet and my self are controllers for VATFrance and we are ready to act as TWR controller for this event. But to do this we need your formal approval and be invited as visitor ATC. Would someone from the Staff be kind enough to let us know if this would be faisible. thanks in advance for your help. Jeff ( 1040072 STU+ )
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