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  1. Both BELAY and TRISH are on the CLIPR1 arrival and are very close to eachother (Like 4 miles) so We're just doing the CLIPR1 with the BELAY transition because we're shooting people to DQO before BELAY. Also, it looks like the new LOA keeps the old routing of DQO V166 BELAY V378 BAL for KDCA so we will be able to accept that as well for KDCA and KBWI. As for KIAD the route I mentioned is also pretty much right. DELRO to MULRR then it's pretty much straight south to AML. That is the gist of the DELRO2 arrival, but the routes you put are the official, on the books routes. We'll up it to 12K
  2. There are new routes in effect when flying from KPHL to ZDC. I don't know about the other ZNY airports but the following are the new prefered routes to the 3 major ZDC aiports. KPHL-KBWI 12,000 DQO V166 BELAY V378 BAL KPHL-KDCA 12,000 DQO V166 BELAY V378 TRISH CLIPR CLIPR1 or DQO V166 BELAY V378 BAL KPHL-KIAD 12,000 MXE V474 DELRO HYPER2 or MXE V474 DELRO DELRO2 or (if you can't do a STAR at all) MXE V474 DELRO V143 MULRR AML might be accepted. On behalf of the Philly crew, thank you for your cooperation.
  3. What goes up must come down. True, ATC stops at FL600 but you have to eventually come through ATC's zone to get to the ground. And it's not that bad to be under ATC's watchful eye. Besides, if you really don't want to bother with ATC, just fly low altitude VFR into and out of non-towered small airports and you'll never have to hear a peep from anyone.
  4. I didn't make the movies, I just found them and put them here for all the newbies. The guy who made them deserves all the credit.
  5. I forgot where I first saw this video being linked but I feel I should put it here for all those who have ever thought of flying a SID or STAR and never got past the shear look of the thing. I myself, after watching these videos flew my first SID and STAR from KASE to KSDL. The LINDZ Departure and the JCOBS2 arrival. I hope you all enjoy and maybe even sticky these videos. part1 part2 part3 part4 Oh, and for those of you who use the default planes alot, like I do, where he talks about the FMC, use simroutes.com to build a flight plan file for the flight and
  6. Over the past few nights and into the future, us ZNY S1s will be towering the non-majors around ZNY. The more likely to be manned ones are Trenton-Mercer (KTTN) which I will be manning myself a lot, Allentown (KABE) and it's split but sometimes we get a third spot going like Harrisburg (KMDT) or Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (KAVP). These are some significant airports, ladies and gentlemen. Trenton has a 6000 foot runway so I can take Lears, Dash-8s, maybe a light 737 and the like, KABE can take 737s on their 7600 footer (had a 747 land there last night as a test though it was empty on fuel) and
  7. The "Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es" are actually just flash videos/powerpoint type things you watch and read. When you click on a button, it'll prompt you for a P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and then it gives you the cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts].
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