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  1. Also available on flightsim.com under the name: sarajevox2009beta10.zip
  2. 1) I believe that that is an area where ES suggests HO to next controller (not sure)...or you are asking about active HO area and answer is 15-10nm before border of next ATC....you weren`t specific about this question... 2) When ATC is active in that area so his borders are marked...I see this is EURE screen so in this case...LKAA & LZBB CTRs are online and EURE is not in control of that FIRs anymore
  3. Hahahah...look at me on TOP..... Sorry for OT...just had to
  4. Don`t apologize...you are only human...take this thread as some kind of "beta testing"...all kinds of sct files are being used BTW....Tnx a lot...with new update my sct file works....
  5. Unfortunately same here, by default after installation everything that is relevant under "view" is enabled.
  6. I have the same problem, running it on XP, when I load sct file...screen says "loading sct" then nothing...black screen. If needed...I too will provide my/our sct file
  7. I`m glad to see that it`s finally achieved...I know these guys and I know how hard they worked for it...so I wish them the best of luck in their forthcoming times as official vACC.
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