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  1. On Bristol - Having just watched someone push back into the car park they called up and requested taxi. XXXX - Request Taxi to the Active Me - XXXX, taxi Holding Point Alpha X-Ray, RWY 27, QNHXXXX XXXX - Taxiway Alpha, Runway 27 [close enough, there wasn't any other traffic on that side of the airport to affect] [pause] XXXX - Which runway is in use Me - Runway 27 XXXX - Is that the one in front of me Me - Affirm, Bristol just has the one runway, turn left for 27 and right for 09 [PM sent with http://tinyurl.com/gdcharts to help] [Pilot disconnects]
  2. On Bristol - I just had someone in an A380 call up with "at 4000 feet request landing" - I couldn't see him so requested a location "on final" was the reply. I instructed him to divert to Filton (as Bristol's runway can't take an A380 - Filton is the nearest that can) which he accepted - eventually located him, he was trying to approach Gatwick in the opposite direction to the traffic so I handed him to London for onward service
  3. I recently had a run in with a Military Jock (sounded like he wanted to be a fighter pilot in the USAF rather then a Hercules in the RAF) I was VFR in the area RRRxxx: "Loc N Slop!" Me: "What is a Loc N Slop? - it sounds nasty? Do you have a doctor on board?" I try and use a dollop of humour when seeking clarification. It usually serves as a good icebreaker I wasn't expecting the reply I got though... RRRxxx: "What R U doing on Vatsim and flying online if u don't know what a localiser and glideslope r!" Me: "Flying VFR..." A few other pilots decided to chastise him for his
  4. I've just managed to merge the Wilco A318 panel with the Wilco A319 as I prefer the LCD Screens but I keep getting a flap warning if I select flap 1 for takeoff. Is it possible to work around this?
  5. Belated but they are considering more A318's from EGLC - though there isn't space for many A318 operations at London City
  6. Are you using FS-INN? Suspect it might be because FSINN applies the same temperature from ground to space. I fly the Feel there E190 and get the same issue. If you switch to real world weather or active sky the battery temp quickly drops to very cold levels
  7. Does anyone know where you can find aircraft profiles for use with vasFMC - I'm interested in using it with the Freeware Premier Aircraft Q400 so I can use it on Vatsim. I've tried editing one myself but just get a crash as soon as I load it.
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