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  1. It's just a shame it took some no good hackers to ruin it for a lot of PHPVMS users.
  2. I used to use PHPVMS, but since it was hacked and my host (paid) upgraded to PHP5 and increased security because of this hack, I am struggling to use it at all. Do I have any options? What do you folks use?
  3. I don't see why not. It is similar to the specs I have in mind for my next computer, although that might change. I would look in the forum for any possible issues you might come across with programs like FSInn, vRoute etc etc with Vista.
  4. If you installed Copilot, it's there. From the Addons menu, FSInn shows, from that drop down menu, FSInn Control Panel is FSInn, everything else is the Copilot. Hope that helps you.
  5. I have my swap file set. I run 2 drive systems and the swap file is on the D drive. It is at 2Gb now and I might increase it. Check this first. Open defrag and analyse the disk. How many green sections are there? If there is more than 1, set the size. When you set it and reboot, analyse again and hopefully it will be one green block. I never use Windows Managed, always custom size.
  6. Try this. http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_9600gt.html
  7. This is why I asked. I am not entirely convinced of 64 bit due to Vista being a complete pig. It is in my opinion nothing more than bloatware with many many issues to be resolved. This is why I am still with the idea of sourcing a dual processor m/b for the fastest Pentium 4's. This would work great with XP pro as that can manage 2 chips. MS should have got XP64 working before they launched Vista.
  8. I would like some input from the techy members. When I can upgrade, what should I go for? I was thinking about trying to get hold of a dual processor m/b for P4's at 3.4Ghz. Should I go for 64 bit instead? Which ones can be overclocked? I am after as much speed as possible. What graphics card? Again this has to be fast. Is 2Gb ram enough? I have Xp Pro waiting to be used. Your ideas and input are welcome.
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