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  1. IS there any way that TopSky will work in a sweatbox session? When i start sweatbox , the TopSky CONNECT button for CPDLC is not active. vSMR works though for PDC...
  2. Ok Guys , thanks. I will check it out first by reusing messages to check validity and then i will test it in my ATC sessions. One question more. In the manual says that there will be an indication in the departure list , but i dont see any field there and there is no available field that i can add to the Departure list. Does the CLR field appear automatically or something? Also i would need a working setup for TopSky PDLC in order to dig into and see the necessary changes/additions i need to make it work. Where can i find the setup of vACC's that have it working for them? I found portugal's case here: https://github.com/pinatacolada/topskylppc
  3. I have already posted this to Topsky's forum but i wanted to ask here also for the people that have been using CPDLC with Topsky with success. I have been testing CPDLC . vSMR's DCL/PDC tested out ok. I tried to test the same with Topsky (2.2.1 b11) and i met difficulties: On our DCL test i keep getting this: Logon was ok, Telex was ok, but we got stuck in PDC as i wasn't able to take action on it, prob ably cause of the "MESSAGE NOT SUPPORTED" message. Also there wasn't any indication in the departure list (actually i cant find a filed to add in the TAG) Any idea what am i doing wrong?
  4. It seems that the link doesn't open for me.
  5. If you need anything , don't hesitate to tell me! 🙂
  6. My initial urge for this was top be able to use it when streaming Euroscope on twitch. I would be glad to find a way to move it to another forum if this is what needs to be done. I didn't mean to post in wrong forum.
  7. v1.03 - Departure - Arrival became one column to allow for smaller "window" size for streaming
  8. Here you are. I think that now is usable. I tested it with OBS , added a panel as browser with various sizes and it looks ok.
  9. I will add distances and ETA based on some calculations from positions and speeds..
  10. So it has begun. Check the fist post of the topic. I updated with the new web version 🙂 Cheers!
  11. Yeap thats how i calculate the distance also to/from airport. I just wondered if the data are there in the text file and i missed them 🙂 BTW Check my last night's work. I begun a web version. See First post i have updated it.
  12. Do you remember how do you calculate ETA based on vatsim data file?
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