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  1. Sure! Check your pm. I will also update the Vatsim logo with the new ones.
  2. IS there any way that TopSky will work in a sweatbox session? When i start sweatbox , the TopSky CONNECT button for CPDLC is not active. vSMR works though for PDC...
  3. Ok Guys , thanks. I will check it out first by reusing messages to check validity and then i will test it in my ATC sessions. One question more. In the manual says that there will be an indication in the departure list , but i dont see any field there and there is no available field that i can add to the Departure list. Does the CLR field appear automatically or something? Also i would need a working setup for TopSky PDLC in order to dig into and see the necessary changes/additions i need to make it work. Where can i find the setup of vACC's that have it working for them? I
  4. I have already posted this to Topsky's forum but i wanted to ask here also for the people that have been using CPDLC with Topsky with success. I have been testing CPDLC . vSMR's DCL/PDC tested out ok. I tried to test the same with Topsky (2.2.1 b11) and i met difficulties: On our DCL test i keep getting this: Logon was ok, Telex was ok, but we got stuck in PDC as i wasn't able to take action on it, prob ably cause of the "MESSAGE NOT SUPPORTED" message. Also there wasn't any indication in the departure list (actually i cant find a filed to add in the TAG) An
  5. It seems that the link doesn't open for me.
  6. My initial urge for this was top be able to use it when streaming Euroscope on twitch. I would be glad to find a way to move it to another forum if this is what needs to be done. I didn't mean to post in wrong forum.
  7. v1.03 - Departure - Arrival became one column to allow for smaller "window" size for streaming
  8. Here you are. I think that now is usable. I tested it with OBS , added a panel as browser with various sizes and it looks ok.
  9. I will add distances and ETA based on some calculations from positions and speeds..
  10. So it has begun. Check the fist post of the topic. I updated with the new web version 🙂 Cheers!
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