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  1. So from what I understand, the intersection and route information in ISEC (the datafiles) is used only for route calculation and predictions, and the information is only visualized when you draw a FP out on the screen and ES checks it for valid connections and altitudes and gives you color feedback. Any sustained route or FIX that is being displayed on your scope is depending on your FIX and AWY definitions in your sector file, not the updateable datafiles. Mr. Cersnak would have to confirm this, but I discovered this a while ago. Hope it helps!
  2. Sorry to bump this topic, but has anyone figured this out?
  3. I am happy to see that ES Beta r14 adds Rotorcraft support for the scenario simulator, but how do we actually indicate that an aircraft is a rotorcraft rather than a fixed-wing airplane? I have tried using the equipment codes for Helicopters (B206, A139) in the AC Type field but that is not sufficient.
  4. I am basically experiencing all of the simulator issues you listed here. The simulator in r12 is just plain broken, as far as I can tell. Not only do my airplanes fly the strange approaches you mention, frequently they break off the approach in the last mile and switch to AHDG mode. When they do land, they vacate the runway violently at a non-existent exit point and at dangerously high speeds.
  5. Michael, I too am confounded by this change in approach behavior in the new Beta. It is causing my airplanes to vacate via exits that they should not be able to make due to high speeds.
  6. So I'm a little too exhausted to read through this entire thread, BUT, if it's worth anything, I was able to fashion our custom Data TAGs simply by modifying the EuroScope Font (TTF) file.
  7. Does anyone know if it might be possible to connect FS9 for virtual tower use using FSINN? Thanks.
  8. On Thursday, November 12th 2015 starting at 0100z-0300z prepare for the Sangster Real Ops Event. This event promises to be a great event showcasing our controllers at their absolute best. Get ready for the biggest and, most importantly, the most fun event in Kingston FIR history. This is a great chance to enjoy a group flight with friends and most importantly a chance to experience full coverage of outstanding and professional ATC. We look forward to seeing you on the 12th! Featured airport: MKJS – Sangster International Airport Charts: MKJS Charts Scenery: Lat
  9. This is version 7.0 of Kingston Radar EuroScope, a project that I've been working on since 2010. The scope looks and behaves as a near-exact recreation of the real world Raytheon AutoTrac II system (used in Jamaica in real life). Kingston FIR Jamaica TMA Cayman TMA (Non-Radar)
  10. Deputy Air Traffic Manager The Kingston FIR is seeking applications from well qualified candidates for the following position. Applications will close on 30 September, 2015. Position Title: Deputy Air Traffic Manager (DATM) Position Type: Executive/Administrative Weekly Hours: 5 - 10 (Flexible) Reference #: E2DATM Description The Deputy Air Traffic Manager is second to the Air Traffic Manager and is equally responsible for the oversight of the Kingston FIR, especially in the absence of the Air Traffic Manager. The Deputy Air Traffic Manager reports any updates or amendme
  11. Bummer. I don't use those TAG items but I still like using coordination simply to make sure my controllers have to approve any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment that affects their airspace. I wish there was some other TAG flag to indicate coordination.
  12. I am having an issue with ongoing coordination. I have, in my symbology settings, set "ongoing requested by me" and "ongoing requested by other" set to very flamboyant characters. However, when such a request is made, there is no color difference. What kind of tag item is the symbology setting referring to? I am thinking that the issue lies with my tag setup.
  13. Pavel, I have been developing and managing a custom EuroScope suite for our controllers since 2010 that is a faithful reenactment of the real-world software that our Kingston counterparts use. Contact me and I can walk you through the workflow of it...
  14. David, Good thinking. Almost immediately after I posted this I just accepted the fact that I would need to use the radar simulation in order to have the radar hole and devised a loophole similar to the one you suggested. Thanks for your reply.
  15. Hello, Is it possible to simulate radar holes without using the professional radar simulation correlation options? I am not sure why using the professional radar simulation is a prerequisite for simulating a simple radar hole (I am simply trying to simulate a non-radar section of my FIR) but alas I believe that's how the program works. Thanks in advance
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