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  1. PG** as well please, or as Dhruv pointed out, the variety of alphanumeric airports in the US.
  2. Yes, I agree. Trying to figure out any kind of work around.
  3. On a bit of a similar note, I have a third party aircraft that seems to have a transponder gauge not functioning correctly. It seems to constantly send a squawk standby command to vPilot, regardless of how I have the transponder knob set in the cockpit. Is there a way to completely ignore transponder variables from the aircraft and operate the transponder in "manual" mode via vPilot? The option to force the transponder in mode C when airborne sort of works, but still not able to control it on the ground then. Thanks.
  4. Quick question for the other pilots out there. Has anyone gotten VATSIM Traffic to display in ForeFlight while using P3Dv4? I’ve used various combinations of FSXFlight, P3Dv4 internal GPS output, and FSUIPC and can’t seem to get it working. Ownship position and moving map work just fine. Have had no problems with VATSIM traffic in FSX:SE either with FSXFlight or the Flight1 utility. A head scratcher for me. Thanks.
  5. Thanks everyone who joined us this evening! You guys made it a blast, pilots and controllers alike. Guess I should go find a life now.
  6. I'm a little over 2 hours from a major milestone in my VATSIM hobby (career?)...the 10,000 pilot hour mark. Combined with 2000 controlling hours, puts me a little over 12,000 currently. I've decided I'd love to mark and celebrate the milestone by visiting some of my favorite network airports in one of my favorite aircraft. I'll be flying KLAX-KDEN-KMSP starting at about 2200Z/1800ET/1500PT on Sunday, 13AUG in the B744 (in one of my favorite schemes, the Northwest Bowling Shoe) and would love any and all pilots to join for one or both legs. We'll be hanging out on the vZMP TeamSpeak s
  7. Is there a "proper" way to have 1 vPilot install work with P3D v4 and FSX:SE? Mostly in terms of model matching files/AI. Or is 2 separate installs best?
  8. For what it's worth, I'm seeing the same problem in VATSpy and vSTARS (VRC is fine). Using an NVIDIA GT750M with latest drivers.
  9. Hello all, Unfortunately, I'm come across something that has left my head scratching since I started using vPilot and decided to seek out some help. Occasionally, and I can't even correlate it to aircraft/location/time of day, say maybe 1 out of every 4 flights, I'll be within proximity of other multiplayer aircraft on the network that are invisible. My model matching appears to be OK with vPilot (no errors on the aircraft in question) but they will simply show up as a shadow with floating nav lights. I've included an example screenshot. Running FSX with DX9 and FSX excluded on backgro
  10. I would love to fly for a relatively historically accurate TWA VA that had any substance. The only one I recall in the past didn't have all of the cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ic aircraft and had 777s, 787s, 737NGs, but yet no Connies or DC-9s! To add my two cents, there are plenty of VAs that look intriguing or fun on the outside but really have nothing unique to offer underneath the surface for a variety of reasons. Sometimes too many rules/commitments, sometimes too few. Sometimes too unorganized, sometimes a staff that only cares about numbers or simply is absent. Sometimes no opportuni
  11. An example of what I'm seeing vs the manual
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