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  1. To reiterate what Nickolas said.. VFR flight plan filing is a CYA (cover your a$$) thing. Should you not reach destination, people know where to start lookin for you.
  2. I was with Microsoft from FS4 Through X. I started dabbling with X-Plane 8. I was sold at X-Plane 9. At this point I completely ditched Microsoft. Sad, Hundreds of dollars in add ons no longer used. I don't regret it. FORGET everything you know about Microsoft's user interface/manipulators. REMEMBER how a plane flies. LEARN the X-Planes's interface/manipulators. Once comfortable I bet you too will ditch Microsoft.
  3. I'm X-Plane 10.31 and it's working just fine.
  4. This weekend I made a 3 hour flight not using XSB (flying off line) the false targets still showed up. I'm using QPAC A320 v2. This eliminates XSB. I'll try EADT's 737 online next see what it does.
  5. Thanks Fred, But as I read it they are commenting that planes are NOT showing up on TCAS. I have the opposite problem. I have bogus targets showing up. I will generalize the forums I've been reading and blame xsquawkbox. Thanks for your help.
  6. Fred, what is this TCAS issue you speak of? I'm getting false targets in my TCAS and I'm trying to isolate what's causing it. Maybe it's XSB?
  7. I'm using X-Plane 9 with a 2007 iMac. I am very happy with QPAC A320 v2.0 performance on VATSIM. I've yet to test in heavy traffic (LAX fly-in event). I have no problem with ~5 aircraft around me.
  8. Fernando, Frustrating isn't it? XACARS is behind in bells and whistles when it comes to cool stats during and after a flight. There is not a VA out there that can give all the ACARS candy that you want from XACARS. Just thought I would save you the time and tenure from jumping from VA to VA. There is a plug-in out there that will show your landing rate but it only pops up on your screen. It won't auto-send to anywhere. It's made for Linux, Mac and Windows. HERE is the download link from X-Plane.org
  9. Hi Daniel, I have the same setup as you and have no problems. Yours may very well be isolated. Although this is a VATSIM/XPlane forum you may find better luck going into a XPlane Hardware forum. do you belong to XPlane.org?
  10. I'm sorry but I'm unable to find it. Would you please provide a direct link to it? Thanks.
  11. EDIT: This topic has morphed. It was titled Cudos to ZOB. I'm trying to get a "Quick Link" list of Preferred Runways when ATC is not online. Some links are harder to find than others. This is what I have so far. If there are others out there that I'm missing please reply with a link. Thank you. ZDC http://zdcartcc.org/ZDC_runways.htm ZNY http://www.nyartcc.org/runway ZOB http://www.zobartcc.org/weather/metar
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