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  1. I am in oceana region, i went with vpilot as i had issues in the past with FSinn. and yes it was a much easier install. But i see there is no server link for Australia like in the video so do I use the closest one in Singapore ?
  2. returning to virtual flying after 9 years, so , which client to use, FSinn or vpilot or both what are the differences please
  3. Well said Tom. If you want to critique a screenshot for gods sake, open a blog, separate from vatsim. There are more important things to think about in this world
  4. This is easy to find out if you know how . I use an x-45 saitek (which is not force feedback enabled and a thrustmastertop gun pro, which is. if you do have a force feedback enabled controller joystick it will show up in Settings/other settings/controls/ click on the "forces" tab at the top. (x-45 does not have that forces tab but thrustmaster does so its dependant on your joystick if it appears in settings or not) Joysticks with no forcefeedbacK will not have the forces tab in controls section as it cant enable it and is not recognized. this is where you uncheck it to remove for
  5. looking to start an airline and need some information on what is the best way to record flights to justify and know flights are being taken and added to website. what is the best way to number of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers carried on your airlines carriers so it can translate to your website.
  6. can i join vatsim uk and still retain my vatpac status. i have already emailed [email protected] on 15-12-11 but received no response
  7. thanks for the quick reply mate, cheers
  8. I was searching for the VATSIM teamspeak and i think i found it at teamspeak.vatsim-uk.org but i dont know the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word?? can you [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist. Thank you Yes i run my teamspeak in administrator mode.
  9. no i have fsinn and it works fine. i mean the server list in the fs mulitplayer screen/free flight where i normally get the listings of dedicated fs servers for connection to. they arent there
  10. but in the past i would get a listing of many servers in that section from all over the world but not now
  11. i have installed fsx and fsinn and put in all microsoft fsx and gamespy network ports but i cant seem to get a listing in the free flight servers list for servers to join. i log in to multiplayer i get server listings in the flight training and other rooms and peoples names come up in the room and peoples names also come up in free flight but no server listing in free flight bitdefender internet security also on with its own firewall but when firewall is turned off i have same problem. any ideas welcome
  12. where are the vatsim servers? after fsx reinstall and the new website, where are they ? you would think they are listed in the PRC also for new pilots to get access to but they are not. looked for a while and gave up, Can anyone help
  13. ============================================== Error 404 - Docomeent Not Found
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