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  1. The last few times I fly on vatsim using x-plane 9, I can receive the correct meters using the .metars commands or using the update weather command in the plugin menu But the weather I get is very often 1013mb air pressure and a temperature of 0c. Like today I flew VHHH-ZUUU-VHHH, the plugin updates the weather with 1013mb and a temperature of 0c, and of course does not match with the Metar of the 2 airports. Any other experience the same problem?
  2. The basic system is done, now under testing.
  3. Hi Tim, You are right, we should revive the ATC booking system. The main thing is that pilots/atc need to use the system otherwise it's useless. Our system is connected with EUROBOOK, so ATC bookings should be visible in ServInfo. The reason that the system is down for the moment is due to spam on our forum. Because we used the login/authentication method of phpBB.
  4. YES, the forum is hacked again. I'm working to get the website/forum back to the original state. A few things are changed. - Running (outdated) back-up of January 2007 - Switched to another forum software (Invisionboard to phpBB2), the forum is now integrated in the website. - Forum now available in the traditional chinese language. (Change it in your profile) - Deleted all users with 0 (zero) posts, check the memberlist, if your account is deleted you should register again. Also some data could be outdated because I used a backup of January 2007. Regards, Karlok
  5. Well, I don't have MOD rights, but I check this forum very often. But now the vatasia encountered a server error, I placed a link to this subforum. Hope the problem with the server is solved soon.
  6. I booked for the VTBD_TWR position. See you on 8 april!
  7. Ok, see you and take care. Who is taking your position over as RCRP?
  8. Hi Dennis, You can send me an message. See the region website for contact details. I'm still an STU3 controller, but we can arrange a time to instruct you. Actually, Bowen Chow is the Hong Kong Fir Chief, but in my eyes it's difficult to get in contact with him. Kar-lok Wong Webmaster - VATASIA
  9. Well, what I mean is that on 31 December and 1 January a lot of people over the world are not behind the computer to fly or do some ATC service. Maybe it's difference in Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.. and you celebrate Lunar New Year! But here in Europe we not. So, just think about it, a lot of people will not participate because of this reason.
  10. An event on 31 December and 1 January? Are you serious? I will not join the event, having big party then! Yahoo!!!
  11. Don, Checked! Succes with the charity flights. Kar-lok
  12. We do our best to support you with ATC coverage. Go to: http://www.vatasia.net and enter your flight into our bookingsystem. Kar-lok Wong Webmaster VATASIA
  13. Also I joined VATSIM about three 3 years ago, I have my S3 rating for more then 3 years know. The total hours logged as controller is not much, but as we said before logged hours said nothing. Last Thursday (22SEP) I logged in as Approach for approximatly 3 hours and handled in total 1 (departure) traffic. So... more then 90% of the 3 hours logged was IDLE time. I can say to you this is very boring, and not really exited and interesting for new controllers. No traffic play parts also. Its not attractive for new controllers if there is no traffic. Maybe my location is not that good, if I arrive home and starts to control in the evening (1800UTC) most people in Asia sleeps. And my interest is flying above controlling. So you will see me more flying then control.
  14. Sure we can! We try to arrange as much ATC coverage as we can. Have you checked our (local) website and forum yet? http://www.vatasia.net
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