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  1. Yesterday, Polish military data was removed from the VATSIM matars list and the programs worked properly. Today, unfortunately, the defective military data returned
  2. Hi there, in your metars file for Poland, you provide outdated data for our military airports, so weather programs display the wrong weather on flight route: http://metar.vatsim.net/metar.php?id=EP The problem concerns as many as half of Polish airports - relates to the following ICAO codes: EPKS EPDE EPDA EPCE EPIR EPLY EPMB EPMI EPMM EPOK EPPR EPPW EPSN EPTM. The most important thing is to remove the airports with the wrong metars as soon as possible or use the correct source: http://awiacja.imgw.pl/index.php?product=metar_mil eg. RSS: http://awiacja.imgw.pl/rss/metarmil.
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