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  1. At least for RDF, the required package is the 2015/2017/2019 one. I believe it's the same for the AFV Bridge plugin. You did download the x86 version, right?
  2. Hi, the error is probably caused by a missing Visual Studio runtime, not a .NET one. Which one, it depends on what version the plugin was compiled with, but they can all be downloaded here.
  3. Yes, the simplest way to draw stuff is to: - Always return a screen in OnRadarScreenCreated regardless of the display type about to be created. The more I think about it, the plugin probably does need to return a screen for each display type you want it to be able to draw on (this should be easy to test). - Not register a custom display type. Registering a custom display type is useful pretty much only when you want to control what else in addition to your stuff gets drawn on the screen. Then just allow the plugin to draw on the desired display types in the plugins dialog.
  4. Hi, in the EuroScope Plugins dialog, select your plugin and give it permission to draw on the desired screen types. That should do it. If that doesn’t work, it may be necessary to change your code to return a screen in OnRadarScreenCreated for all the desired screen names, not just the one registered in your plugin, but I don’t see why that would be necessary. If you just want to draw on a specific screen such as the default one, just skip registering a screen and return a screen in OnRadarScreenCreated when the created screen name matches any screen you want to draw on (and then allow
  5. Instead of "ACTIVE:::[0/1]" as suggested by Jonas, I propose the following: "ACTIVE:::" For backward compatibility the old "ACTIVE::" syntax should also be supported. In the proposed syntax, for example "ACTIVE:ZZZZ:01R:01L" would activate the sector only if 01R is active for departures AND 01L active for arrivals. "*" would be used for any (or no) runway, so "ACTIVE:ZZZZ:*:01L" would activate the sector when 01L is active for arrivals regardless of departure runways. For more flexibility, the syntax could even be extended to allow runway lists, e.g. "ACTIVE:ZZZZ:01L:01L,01R" a
  6. Hi Daniel, as Jonas suggests, the problem is most likely the compression method used. This thread may be about the same issue, and contains some information on how to fix it: https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=69872
  7. The changes to the 9 fields will only be shown to others if the strip is pushed to them (either manually or automatically during handoff). If you're not publishing a lot of information, you could probably just as well use the scratchpad in the same way EuroScope sets direct-to clearances, [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned headings etc. unless there's a reason you're avoiding the scratchpad completely. This method is to update the scratchpad with your message and then immediately update it again with the previous (or empty) string. Just be sure to format the messages in a way that they won't be recog
  8. 1: Unfortunately not (I'd like to have those available as well...) 3: Plugin created tag items are shown in the list as " \ " 4: If the display types appear in the "Allowed to draw on types", I'd say it's possible to create more than one radar view per plugin (I've never tried that though). However, one ASR can only display one Display Type, so you wouldn't be able to show both of them simultaneously on a single ASR.
  9. The range/bearing lines at the top of the screen are no longer present in 3.2. Instead the information is only shown on the line itself. In your example the information would be displayed next to the aircraft end of the line. To remove the line, right-click on it. Left-clicking on a line will remove it and restart the command with an element already selected (".distance [FIX]" would appear in the command line, allowing you to select another aircraft to see its distance/bearing from the same fix).
  10. I've just tested this by including the line in my list definition files and it does appear in the dialog just like any other one. Perhaps what's throwing you off is that it's listed as "[Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned speed (if set)"? The items in the line really only contain the information shown in the dialog and nothing more, i.e. column header text, width, centering flag, tag item number, mouse left and right click function numbers, plugin names for the previous three if they're not EuroScope default items, and finally the coloring. So yes, it is possible to edit the text file directly if you
  11. The route prediction should go to the destination airport even if the airways in the flight plan aren't found, so there's a problem somewhere. You could try reloading the airport coordinates file (ICAO.txt) to see if it helps.
  12. Not directly, no (unless your active sector is exactly the same as the FIR in which case the sector entry time can be checked for this). A plugin can do this by reading the FIR coordinates into a polygon and then going through the aircraft position prediction points until it finds one that is inside the polygon.
  13. Hard to say what's wrong, both functions work for me. Could you show the code that's not working?
  14. For test 3, I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you were still logged in as EVRR_CTR (with id "RC"?). The problem would then be that the Riga TMA sector would not be controlled by you as it only has "RA" listed in the OWNER line. You don't show the other CTR/TMA sector definition but I'd guess the problem is the same. For test 2, the route may have been too short, with ES estimating that the aircraft would never climb above FL95 before starting its descent (with the F16's performance it's no problem but ES doesn't know that). Following Todor's suggestion of checking the predicted trajectory altitudes
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