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  1. This: ... is because this: ... is phraseology described in Annex 10.
  2. In many FIRs it's not that easy, as the sectors within each FIR or AoR can be split or collapsed in various ways, sometimes on an ad-hoc basis (controllers agreeing between themselves that for whatever reason they are applying a non-standard sector configuration). My home FIR Sweden is a good example of this. The FIR is "ESAA", however we never use this identifier for ATC positions. ESAA FIR is divided into ESMM AoR and ESOS AoR. Our primary ACC sector is ESOS_1_CTR, and normally this ATC position covers the entire ESAA FIR (i.e. ESOS and ESMM AoRs). If an ESMM_CTR controller comes online
  3. We use ALT OFF on the ground in the aircraft I fly. That means the mode A (4 digit transponder code) and the mode S (aircraft identity as set in the FMS) is transmitted, but the mode C (altitude reporting) will still be off. Of course on VATSIM we only have two modes: Standby (essentially OFF), and Mode C (which works like mode A/C/S all operating)
  4. If you use the TopSky plugin you can set it up so that it loads whatever fixes/airspaces/custom maps you want depending on the active position. For example in Sweden we have set it up so that VFR fixes are displayed automatically whenever you are logged in on TWR or APP, but not on CTR.
  5. We're just a bit more hardcore! We do have RTE 2 so we can p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] time in the cruise by putting in the route for the next sector...
  6. Funny enough, last night as we climbed out ATC gave us direct CPT, even though it's not part of the route since the last few years now.
  7. It has made a noticeable difference for our profile in the flight plan, it has us climbing much earlier which probably has resulted in less fuel uplift. The only downside is the old routing (EGSS-LEBL) was CPT UN859 PUMAL. Now it's a few more airways to punch into the FMC.
  8. Interesting, I guess NUGBO instead of CPT out of EGSS is for the same reason?
  9. Same in Sweden, it's a feature of our Ground Radar plugin. But while it does [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign an appropriate parking stand automatically, and the plugin does give a warning if selecting a runway that is not available for the aircraft type, we don't have an automatic way of [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning the correct taxi route. And the restrictions can be quite complex, for example see the AIP text from ESSA below: Unfortunately there is no AIP chart published to show the different routes, and there's unlikely to be a Jeppy chart as well since the commercial chart providers thes
  10. I agree it's useful, and my post was just to highlight that the specific code 2200 is not an official code for anything. In ICAO land, code 2000 is used when an IFR flight has not been [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned a discrete code (such as in oceanic airspace). At my airline 2000 is what we set on the transponder before turning it to standby after parking, and it's in line with the transponder operating instructions at many airports. For me personally when controlling on VATSIM, 2000 vs 2200 is just one of those minor things that hint at whether or not a pilot has done his homework.
  11. As far as I know, 2200 has never been any kind of official code. It is simply a (clever) technical workaround to avoid loads of people flying around with 1200, which back in the days of ASRC (a controller client that we used in the stone age) was hard-coded to show as a VFR target. Once you loaded MSFS at Meigs Field and relocated to wherever you were flying from, as you took off on an IFR flight plan, Squawkbox would change the code to 2200. I'm not sure if this still happens automatically or if people just set 2200 themselves these days because they think it's an official code.
  12. Thanks Pierre! Looking forward to try the plugin out. Now all we need is a good Maastricht simulation...
  13. Thanks Andrew, but I cannot seem to find the DLL. Is this the link? https://ci.appveyor.com/api/projects/pierr3/UACPlugin/artifacts/UAC-nightly.zip It doesn't seem to work unfortunately.
  14. That MUAC plugin looks really interesting! But from what I can tell the link only has the source code, or am I missing something?
  15. Nice briefing! Having flown in there quite a few times in real life (I just checked my logbook and it seems I've visited 64 times ), I just have a couple of minor points to note: 122.125 is actually Ground, not Apron. Last time I was there a Eurowings kept calling them "Apron" and the controller got really annoyed. "Are you calling Fiume GROUND?!" / "I am ATC, Fiume GROUND!" 800 stands are just remote stands that can be used for any destination. It seems they put us there if we are late (normal stand occupied) or we are changing aircraft and leaving the plane for some hours be
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