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  1. Shane, thank you for the words of praise regarding your service while flying into Louisville. I have shared your comments with Don. I do hope to see you back in the airspace again soon.
  2. As to the 'Why?' controllers still use the old system (.xx0) is because the AFV crew has not given the go ahead to use the half-frequencies yet and we were all scolded for changing previously. And when we do get the go ahead, everyone will have to update their POF files and the AFV VCCS before that can take place. Does anyone out there have further info from the AFV team as to when that go ahead will be given would be my question.
  3. Pilot Briefing for this event is now available in PDF at: http://zidartcc.org/storage/files/Pilot_Brief_FNO_8-14-20.pdf
  4. One other thing, Manny, relative to the initial post. Most (but not all) intersection names will loosely be evident in the 5-letter coded name. Such as HLLRY would be Hillary or an adulterated spelling such as BRYNN for Bryan. And as stated by Josh, if you are unsure ask the controller to repeat or spell the intersection name. As for Navigraph, it is most definitely an active and current pay service. You should go to Navigraph.com.
  5. It’s summertime and the urge to travel weighs heavy on many. Whether you’re a local looking to explore faraway places or want to visit and experience all that this area has to offer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International will likely play into your travel plans. KCVG and the controllers of the Indianapolis ARTCC will play host to VATUSA’s Friday Night Ops on August 14th from 2300z until 0300z and we hope to see you there.
  6. Hello pilots. The Indianapolis ARTCC will be staffing up Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport KSDF on March 28th beginning at 1730z for 2-3 hours for a VA Fly In with UPSVAC.com. We will be fully staffed at KSDF as well as conducting as OTS exam on CTR, so why not plan on spending some time with us. Look forward to seeing you there.
  7. For all the vZID controller I would like to thank you for the kind words, Mike.
  8. Seth, Welcome and congrats on p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing your exam. I see you have chosen ZLC as your home ARTCC. You should have received a Welcome email from the ARTCC staff which will have information about how to contact them and what steps to take next. Make sure you check your Junk folder as well. But if that doesn't work you can email the ATM directly at [email protected] Good luck and hope to see you on the scopes soon.
  9. Matthew, You were with my ARTCC when you were released. If you still wish to be with the Indianapolis ARTCC this is what you need to do. Go to vatusa.net, click on 'MyVATUSA' on the menu bar and request a transfer back to ZID. That should take care of it. Welcome back and hope all goes well.
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