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  1. I've recently had to reinstall ES and ever since then, I've had problems with it refusing to retain the active runways. As you can see from the screenshots below, I'm turning the active runways on and then it instantly forgets them again. Has anyone encountered this before or know how to fix it?





    It makes no difference if I am connected to the network or not. ES still drops the active runways as soon as I hit OK. I'm running EuroScope VATSIM Radar Client v3.2, with the UK controller pack and sector file. I've got both the x64 and x86 version of C++ 2017 installed as well.





  2. I do have a copy of the VatsimPHP scripts, however they are already set up for an airport. I can compile them and upload them somewhere if that would please everyone.


    (Just note that I have to find it first, however, I do know it is on my hard drive.)


    That would be brilliant if you could do that Jody.


    Happy to host them as well if needed.

  3. Thanks for the welcome guys.


    1st Priority is to focus on the website itself and the template and content issues. The more fancy features will be down the line somewhere.


    I'm sure you will get more than a few emails Thomas regarding some of the integration ideas, but basics first.



  4. As of Monday 13th September the landing runway at Heathrow will be 27L and the departing runway will be 27R when operating on westerlies. This was announced on the VATSIM-UK forum, but seems to be relevant to those people who don't check the UK site. You can also find out the current runways in use by visiting http://www.tinyurl.com/pilotbrief


    http://www.heathrowairport.com/portal/page/Heathrow+noise%5EGeneral%5EWhat+we+do+about+it%5EMeasures+already+in+place%5ERunway+use%5ERunway+alternation/bb67ff6b59b53210VgnVCM10000036821c0a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/ explains what is being done.

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