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  1. A contact me from the controller never hurt anyone and is especially useful in more complex airspace.
  2. Hi Bob, Can I suggest you edit your forum signature. No one here needs to know your home address or telephone number. Welcome to the forum!
  3. I'm sorry this has been your experience Robbie. I hope you can continue to enjoy the network knowing that Supervisors are just a .wallop away. All the best! 👍
  4. I'm also getting the same as Alex on iOS.
  5. Will the ability to add a forum signature be added at a later date?
  6. I can only hope response times have improved since then
  7. Can someone from VATSIM Indicators contact me via PM? Thanks.
  8. I always concluded that it was helpful if a controller sent a contact me to a pilot, especially in more complex airspace.
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