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  1. What a wonderful idea to have a training scheme. How does this work. And do I see another female controller coming into the scene. Fantastic....there should be more, however. Beverley
  2. Welcome Peter. Are you getting the kiwiflightsim emails? Let me know if you are not and I will help you join up. Beverley
  3. Were you one of the COA folk flying with Jason? I was on Center. That was some great piloting last night, and SAN was absolutely packed. Fun times! Bryan, congrats on your first flight!!! Glad you had a great time in ZLA. I was too. Although I was quite late and used ZK-BEV. But it did help me overcome my fears of flying in the USA....so thank you.
  4. Speaking of first flights: I don't fly very often, usually sit behind the scope. Last night I flew online in the USA for the first time at KSAN and what a really friendly and helpful TWR controller on. I get very nervous and don't like to be outside of New Zealand and yet this guy made me feel at home. So thank you. Beverley
  5. I was training for my ppl. Did all the exams and have 90 hours up my belt. Stopped however, energy time and money became too short. Still I am pleased at what I did. Beverley
  6. Andreas I see you now live in France....you sure do get around. I did not know you were looking for property down this side of the globe. Good luck with that. It was so nice to meet you and yes, I am still with Air New Zealand and loving it. Have applied for Cabin Crew with Freedom Airlines ( the budget airline for Air NZ). They have accepted my application and now am waiting for them to start recruiting out of Christchurch. Take care Beverley
  7. Hi Paul Are you saying you have not seen any ATC in NZ? Well there is, so I would suggest you watch Servinfo more closely and join in when we are there. Tuesday and Sunday evenings are the best nights. Hope to see you soon Beverley
  8. I think I gave some controllers a wee laugh the other night. I often don't fly because my skills are not high and crashing is quite common for me. Out came the trusty Airbus 320 and I took off from NZCH and never quite got airbourne. Crashed on takeoff. I came back and tried again. This time....airbourne and flew very well to NZWN when I tried to land. Oh dear....a go around was necessary. I then came in for the second attempt. Yep, crashed on landing. Perhaps I should stick to the radar screen, but then there would be no fun in that, would there? Beverley
  9. How thrilling it was to meet with other vatsim members. I really enjoyed meeting you Andreas and hopefully we will do it again. Beverley
  10. Hey be sure to say hi in Christchurch. Just let us know when you are arriving Beverley
  11. I wondered if any other country does not generally use QFE anymore. New Zealand does not use it, and QNH of 1013.2 is used above transition Level which is FL150. We have transition altidude of 13000ft Beverley
  12. I am a little confused here as I am not sure what is being proposed. Is it being suggested that Tahiti Oceanic be maintained by its own body and therefore has its own controllers? If so, are you certain you would be able to get enough controllers to make it interesting for the pilots. Or is Tahiti Oceanic already controlled by ?????? in real life and that virtual would copy this. Beverley
  13. Great you have had real life experience. Part of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing through the first stage is understanding how the programme works. Without that all the pre-knowledge is useless. Good luck with it all. Beverley
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