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  1. vAAirlines is proud to announce that the work that began in the fall of 2019 has been completed and the official opening of our airline has now taken place! vAAirlines was an idea that stemmed from a member of the real world American Airlines Group, Inc. (AAG) who wanted to create the most realistic and immersive virtual experience modeled after the real world American Airlines. vAAirlines recognizes that there are other options when choosing an American Virtual Airline and knew that key differences would need to be highlighted to ensure that the market was provided with a truly unique ex
  2. Last week vAAirlines, an American Virtual Airline, made it's official announcement of operations to the public! The application window for those interested in participating in a soft release beta test is set to close in less than two hours. The following is the original text from the announcement of operations which details our vision for the virtual airline as well as how to get involved. Window closes at 1900 Central Standard Time, so there isn't much time left! ----Begin MEMO Dated 16 March 2020---- vAAirlines is pleased to announce that after months of planning, testing, and buildi
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