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  1. Tonight (November 13th) between 2200Z and 0200Z the Denver and Salt Lake ARTCCs are hosting their annual Criss Cross the Rockies event. More information here: http://denartcc.org/a/node/2372
  2. Apparently you have to change the decimal separator in 2 separate places in Vista 64. Clearly another Microsoft design with the user in mind. It's loading airport files now. Thanks
  3. I have installed TWR Trainer and have a problem whenever I try to open an airport file (files have been checked and work for all other staff members). It says: Run-time error "6": Overflow I'm running windows vista 64 and TWR Trainer is installed in the X86 program files folder, rather than the restrictive regular program files folder. I switch my keyboard settings to US to see if that helped, which it didn't. As it stands I'm only able to train students at Radar positions (with ACSim). Can you guys help me out?
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