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  1. Regarding the blocking popup, I have to check. I remember others reported the same behaviour, but I'm not up to date regarding the solution. I will come back to you. Regarding the message window in X-Plane: Yes swift registers plugin commands. You can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign hotkeys in X-Plane for the following: Let me know if any of those aren't working. There is unfortunately no way to reply back in XP. That feature has been requested and we are currently evaluating the options. However, bug reports which have priority kept us quite busy.
  2. Issue is fixed and a new version is up since yesterday. We took the broken version off the download servers as soon as we got aware of it. Please update to the latest version of 0.9.1. That should no longer crash.
  3. Could it be that https://blog.swift-project.net/post/14/crash/ affects you? In a nutshell: Don't squawk code 1200 during an IFR flight. This causes swift to crash. It will be fixed in the next version that we are going to release hopefully in a few days.
  4. Thanks for the report. I might have an idea whats going on. What is your framerate when this happens?
  5. Unfortunately I don't see an attachment. Can you try to upload somewhere?
  6. Between swift - swift and swift - vPilot, all lights, gear, flaps etc are synchronized. So if there is no taxi light, then it could either be that 1. the pilot didn't switch them on 2. parts were not synchronized because for example SB, FSinn or XSB was used and swift has a bug in its algorithm to detect taxi state. Next time you see this, you could check in the models tab, column P. (standing for parts) whether it has a green tick (synchronizing) or a red X (not synchronizing). If it is synchronizing, then you could investigate further by tracing what exactly is synchronized: https://d
  7. swift is a directory based installation. If you uninstalled swift, then you would need to delete all data folders. You should find them in Windows under C:\Users\\AppData\Local\org.swift-project If you delete the entire org.swift-project folder then all your settings, data caches etc are gone and you could start from scratch.
  8. Are you running latest Win10 by chance? If yes, I’ve heard that disabling/enabling microphone access in Setting>Confidentiality>Microphone could fix the problem. If not then I would need a bit more info on your setup (OS version, which audio device etc).
  9. Hi Marco, MacOS 10.14 is still giving me headaches. The microphone works perfectly with any older MacOS version. With 10.14 Apple added this privacy control thingy which is fair enough. So I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume, MacOS is going to ask you whether you want to give swift access to your microphone. Surprisingly it does not ask that question. It does nothing, not even raise a error message to swift. It just returns silent audio. The workaround that used to work for most of the people - you are the first one saying it doesn't work - is to launch the binary inside the app bundle fro
  10. From the screenshots above, what you are trying to do is create a mapping for your user aircraft. This is not strictly necessary to fly and can be ignored for now. Can you post a screenshot of your connect screen? I just want to be sure that there is a model string listed which points to a healthy simulator connection (the border can be yellow or green). If the border is red and says no model string, than you aren't connected yet.
  11. The original idea was to coexist with any other client. Whilst this is less of a concern for FSX/P3D, it is for the plugin based clients in the X-Plane family. Not all clients are waiting with resource allocation/locking until they are going to be used. Anyway, since there are many other conflicts already identified, we can also accept that one and go back to the default port. Things will change with AFV anyway soon.
  12. Edward, so you pre filed a flight plan to VATSIM, logged in to the network, switched to Flight Plan page in swift, clicked on the upper `Load` (being the Load flight plan from network) button and it said no FPL? It should definitly work. Let me know whether the steps above are what you tried and I try to reproduce it if it is a bug.
  13. Manfred, swift is using UDP port 3292 (in contrast to other clients using 3290). If this is causing problems for you and others, we can change back to the default.
  14. Joaquin, from the screenshots and your description, I'm not entirely sure that core and gui are connected to each other. When running the GUI, the DBus led should be yellow if core is connected. If the led is off and you aren't bombed with error messages, then GUI is running in standalone mode. Lets try to focus on that one first. The correct way of launching swift in distributed environment is the following: 1. Launch swift launcher on core machine first. Select Core mode "GUI and core" depending on which machine you want audio. 2. Select DBus peer to peer server and select the IP
  15. Good to hear that you got the rest working. Regarding PTT: There is a feature that forwards your PTT key from the sim computer to the GUI computer with the headset attached. Lets ignore for now the fact that the hotkey settings are empty in GUI. If you press your configured button on the core machine, do you see the PTT led blinking in swiftcore and not in swiftgui? Or is no led flashing?
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