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  1. Hello, found that, I completelly deleted xml cfg file and now all is working ok from cfg window. Maybe recommendation that if user click Set new PTT, it can also map new again without delete previous cfg. But new issue (if I miss already this, apologize) with version 1.7.20, when some other station talk on freq (122.8 f.ex.) no name of station is show. I have now 1.6.32 and go after some time test this version. Thnx for understanding and your work for AFV. OM-ICO
  2. Hello, eeeeeehm some update, really strange situation, reinstall to previous 1.6.32 and mapping of PTT also not functional, keyboard mapping working ok. No changes made on my NTB with OS update (win 7 Home x64), my luck is that reinstall doesn't delete previous cfg where my gamepad button was catched correctly. Very strange, this button working still ok now when I fly (thnx to previous cfg saved) but check with new mapping inside cfg can't be made again/remap. Maybe I try reinstall .NET again, try find where problem is. OM-ICO
  3. Hello, apologize for first, I didn't upgrade standalone Client from last 1.6.32 because was working ok to me till this time with minor problem (for first connection everytime not success but with second ok). Today after upgrade to 1.7.20 I saw: My spec for sure: XP11.41r1 on PC n.1 AFV Standalone Client on external NTB n.2 (working ok with 1.6.32 till this time) with set IP of Sim PC 1. problem to connect generally, simply again and again I had message to not connection to my Sim, after some time started working ok, probably some Server problem??? 2. for sure I start check funct
  4. Hello, pls be kind post what sound HW/headset you're use, USB attached? Some users reported this issue with theirs headsets, generally update driver of headsets was solution what I saw, worst change to other headset also... OM-ICO
  5. Hello, what OS, what about working settings of Headset (you can see your Mic rising to green)? Another problem can be check sound settings of OS (in case of Win10) about not set low sound in case of comm device is activated. Other problem can be allow your headset be enabled for use as audio comm device. Sry, really from your post isn't clear what you've done, my recommendations are only what i saw here in Conference. OM-ICO
  6. Hello, eeeeehm why not use deafult weather inside XP11? OM-ICO
  7. Hello, I must say, I was very strictly in history use and recommend .metar command for weather but as most users use real weather systems inside simulator (not Vatsim weather) I've started use real weather observations sites and absolutelly working ok. As also problem can be with user's weather refresh time, some differencies can exists but I see this as not problem, also use of .metar can be still ok. Question is how Vatsim weather still work and how is .metar collect weather data. OM-ICO
  8. Hello, if I can little bit put some experience, it will be important for pilots that don't have AFV set inside FPL message about not use this because most pilots use UNICOM voice and not AFV pilots answer basically also no with text. Maybe they are not experienced with voice but I had some collisions many times and is enough write inside FPL not use of AFV and use text transmissions. OM-ICO
  9. Hello, that XP is primary problem, AFV doesn't work on it. You need min Win7 as is clear from OS requirements. Now I really don't know if you will be lucky completelly because also probably FS9 is also not working with AFV. Pls check for sure PDF docomeentation on Topic about AFV introduction, there is link toit. On other side my solution was install .Net 4.8 (automatically install init) and standalone working ok on my NTB with Win7 SP1 x64 but I have XP11 on other PC installed. If I good remember I must went to FSX in that time I was bought PC with Win7 long time ago due FS9 incomaptibili
  10. Hello, standalone app can be keeping on top without problems, click that arrow button to set it on top or background. Yes, I agree with some sound notification in case of disconnect. OM-ICO
  11. Hello Daniel, yes, this is general rule. Removing some plugins physically is only way for correct functionality, is clear from experience that only disabling isn't enough. OM-ICO
  12. Hello, only for sure, also check cyclically this Conference: viewforum.php?f=138 Jason doing fantastic job for bug fixing and update of his Client... OM-ICO
  13. Hello, what exact version of OS? Pls exact version... OM-ICO
  14. Hello, in PDF https://vatsim-afv.s3.amazonaws.com/AFV%20User%20Guide.pdf you can find cfg and setting options for each of Clients. Is your Client like xPilot, Swift or AFV Standalone Client? I ask because your post simply doesn't have info what this Client you're use. OM-ICO
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