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  1. Spurious picture there Dave... I have an image in my head suggesting that Point Merge can work at EGLL. Details to follow... Regards, Gareth
  2. Hi, I have been told that the new Beta version will not accept plugins that have been written for 3.1d Can you tell me a few details about changes that I will need to make to ensure that my plugins will be able to function with the new version when it is released. Regards, Gareth
  3. Since the loss of my surname in my VATSIM-UK forum account I received this morning the following message when trying to access the site: Anyone else?
  4. Are you available now? I can logon to a TWR somewhere and get you sorted Edit to add: EGNX_TWR is currently online
  5. Hi , I would suggest that you check on Vatspy or Servinfo to find a field that has some ATC online and then logon while parked at a gate. I'm sure the controller wouldn't mind helping you check out that you have voice setup correctly and if you time it right you may be able to confirm that you are able to see other aircraft. Cheers, Gareth
  6. Hi Alex, you might find a lot of folks are a bit absorbed with the Cross The Pond event this weekend. However, a few pointers and a bit of a checklist: Have you read the prc? www.vatsim.net/prc Have you connected at an airfield (at a gate, not on the active runway) and been able to check voice/text comms with a controller? How much FS experience do you have? Are you looking to pootle around in a Cessna or are you hoping to jump right in and fly your 737? Cheers, Gareth
  7. I think that OP is thinking of the circomestance where either there is a person with a stuck-mic in the room or some troublemaker that needs to be identified. Regards, Gareth
  8. This needs to be a sticky thread, with a probable rename. John provided the link to Heathrow charts only. What John means to say is that ALL UK Airfield Departure, Arrival and Approach charts are HERE. As well as ALL UK taxi layouts and stand locations. No excuse now is there? Cheers, Gareth
  9. Hi David, the situation is the same anywhere in the world. Controllers log on when they can and will connect as positions that they are either able to by rating or happy to connect to in a given situation. When logging on at an airfield always look for the controller that is most applicable to you. In other words; if DEL is available at your field then talk to them; if no DEL then check for GND. If no DEL or GND then look for your airfields TWR controller; if they're not online then look for the local APP controller. If there is no direct coverage of the field you are at then y
  10. Hi all, just a quick suggestion to any pilots intending to fly within Europe this evening. There is a group controller session at London Heathrow between 1830Z and 2130Z. DEL, Multiple GND controllers, TWR controllers and full APP sectorisation in force. Add a TT_S booked mentoring session and probable TMA coverage and you could look forward to full service flying into or out of Heathrow this evening. Cheers, Gareth
  11. Hi Stuart, since Neil joined on 26th March (from the forum join date) and may have never seen the VATSIM-UK site prior to it being taken offline he probably has no idea of what an RTS is; let alone which one he may want to join. Cheers, Gareth
  12. Good point Neil. I have put one sectorfile on my webspace so that at least you can 'have a look' LTMA Sector File Regards, Gareth
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