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  1. Thanks for that Ernesto. When I'm on VRC and I tune a frequency with people transmitting, there isn't even a jump in that meter. I guess that means I'm more than okay
  2. I'm just curious about my internet connection with multiple connections on it
  3. About how much Bandwidth does VRC use with a lot of aircraft in your sky and voice-to-voice comms? Is it relatively a lot, or not too much?
  4. I find Xplane great for props, but I leave the jets to FS9. The xplane gauges move very smoothly and realistically, the aircraft detail is pretty good, everything is controllable from the virtual cockpit. It will take you a few hours to get used to xplane if you have been using microsoft FS for a long time, but once you learn the ropes, you'll fall in love with it.
  5. I have the online hours logged on Delta Virtual what im trying to do is have them log on my vatsim account I think i get what he's saying. He flew for DVA offline, and wants the hours on his vatsim records. Now Robbie my question is, why do you want these hours on your vatsim records? Whats the point of that?
  6. I'm using VRC, and there are no error messages. Everything seems normal, then WHAM, all the aircraft targets disappear and at the bottom it says "disconnected".
  7. Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that I cannot remain connected to sweatbox for more than a few minutes before it disconnects me. I connect to sweatbox normally, then I will just lose connection even though everything seems okay at the time. But the weird thing is, on the live Vatsim server, I never get disconnected. I never used to have this problem. I have looked through my settings, my firewall, etc. and haven't found anything that looks to be a problem. I wouldn't be able to say the exact day I started having this issue as I don't log into sweatbox every day, but I noticed it first
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