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  1. I have a Nividia 8800 GTS, i have updated the drivers. I have reinstalled VRC multiple times. I can never actually save the file its really Bizarre.
  2. I really want to get back online and control but having major difficulty's with VRC. This is what happens: 1) I open it up and then it says "Unhandled exception detected. Would you like to save diagnostic file?" and it does that every time. 2) I put run the program as an administrator and it gets me a little farther. But then crashes after i load a sector file. I cant move it around or anything. Anybody have this happen? anything will help thanks.
  3. Nice job, really excited. Specially the Staff parties, that sounds awesome!
  4. Guys im having the same problem. looks like this is no good on x64 bit OS.
  5. I Use That Color profile that you have Andrew D. on LAX_CTR. I use on SEA_CTR.
  6. I like that, looks professional! What Color profile is that? or is it custom?
  7. I flew into this event. very nice job. Both staffed well and Atc was top notch
  8. Ross, i hear you, and could not agree more. I think i have that exact problem as you have described. any idea on how to disable file extensions? I have searched a bit with no luck.
  9. Ross, I appricate the response. I have done that, it never shows up in "server" on VRC when im wanting to connect however.
  10. If none of that works for some of you i usally have to do a very drawn out process to connect to Sweatbox. 1. Paste sweatbox.vatsim.net SWEATBOX in the "Servers" file. 2. save 3. Disable internet Connection 4. Open VRC load the correct profile you want to work with. 5. Enable internet Connection. 6. Then connect with VRC. Major Paine
  11. Nice Scope Collin. This is Seattle Center that I use.
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