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  1. When those questions arise, I always point at this thread also: http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=56924
  2. http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=40871 Check the first post by Luca Benelli. Also search for the VATSIM Servinfo updates of 2007 and 2010.
  3. No, it doesn't change the radio range but setting a second visibility point adds a second radio range center for the incoming planes to see you sooner.
  4. Check this thread ... http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=56924
  5. It has been discussed in detail here:http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=56924
  6. I confirm it's NOT a ES bug having to do with more than 1 visibility centers. It is reproducible with only one visibility center. As OBS with radius 145 NM, if I set the only visibility center 50 NM away from an _ATIS manned airport the _ATIS controller is visible in the controllers' list. If the only visibility center is moved at 80 NM from the _ATIS manned airport the _ATIS controller disappears from the controllers' list although it is well within the visibility range of 145 NM. Theoretically speaking this must have something to do with the way the network translates the visibility cent
  7. OK. I'll put the whole thing to exhaustive testing and report back any interesting findings.
  8. No. you can have at most 4 vis centers. If you use .vis then that is equivalent to .vis1 in case you also set .vis2 ... and so on. Also the .showvis command shows the current status of visibility and I can always confirm if LGTS is within the 4 vis centers (which it is). I'm basically worried if it is a bug with the visibility centers coding that brings up such behaviour when more than one vis center is set via the .vis# commands. Other ideas?
  9. ES has the commands .vis1 - .vis4 to set up to 4 different visibility centers with the range set at the connect dialogue. I have a strong suspicion that when more than one visibility center is set, there is a problem with seeing other controllers in the controllers list. I had 4 centers set and LGTS_APP, LGTS_TWR and LGTS_ATIS were online but I could only see LGTS_APP in the controllers list. When I reconnected with only one visibility center at LGTS, all positions were present in the controllers list. Any feedback on the above?
  10. I was alerted in the forum of my home vACC of the exitstence of the VATEUD Exam Flight Group site (http://cpt.vateud.net/) in which the register button does nothing (gets me back to the same login page). Any clues? (Firefox 4.0.1, pop up windows allowed)
  11. It seems weird to me that 740 MB are not enough for ES, pdf charts, firefox and skype. Unless ofcourse firefox has many many tabs open and a very large memory footprint. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you have Win XP and I would urge you to optimize their boot so that you have at least 500 MB free immediately after bootup. On the other hand, if you're running win 7 then 740 MB are nowhere near enough for any work done on the laptop.
  12. The stick's tightness is created by a very obvious and visible spring right below it, which I'm sure it cannot be adjusted. Only solution would be dis[Mod - Happy Thoughts]embly of the joystick and replacement with a tighter spring which of course needs to be of the exact same dimensions. So, is it possible? Yes and no, depending on your expertise in modding equipment. It's a no for me...
  13. Guessing now... Military - Light (Wake category) - 2 engine - Turboprop ?
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