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  1. Thanks guys! 😄 Looking forward to working with you all!
  2. Hello Deepesh, Next event will come in time, we can't only focus on Dubai, also other cities/country need some events! If you have any suggestions you can email me directly: [email protected] In the email include what you would like to do and I will do my best to make it happen! Kind Regards,
  3. Dear all, On Friday 21 October from 18-21Z there will be an event taking place in Jeddah (OEJN), a sort of Hajj Fly Inn where a VA has planned to shuttle from Cairo to Jeddah (HECA-OEJN). Now I need some ATC in OEJN for this event, position to be covered are: GND, TWR, APP & CTR If you are interested please email me with the position you would like to have - [email protected] Kindest Regards,
  4. A reminder that the event is tonight!
  5. Dear All, Even though with such short notice, on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th October there will a groupflight from Karachi to Jeddah & Madinah. ATC will be provided from 18:00Z to 20:00Z, so enjoy Saudi Arabia and honour the pre month towards the annual Hajj. Official sponsor for this event: Flight1 Software Charts - OEJN Charts - OEMA Aerodrome Info - OEJN Aerodrome Info - OEMA For further info: Visit VATSAU (Saudi Arabia) Regards,
  6. Thanks to all who joined in yesterday night, it was a great and fun night for everybody I hope! Expect another event soon enough Winners of the fair and official draw will be announced in the next few days so stay tuned! Kind Regards,
  7. Welcome aboard Hadi! We shall help you out in our best way! Not to worry, everyone I'm sure will be understanding, and if by any chance someone isn't pop me a mail: [email protected] and I shall deal with them. Kind Regards,
  8. Dear members, On Sunday 4th September starting 1700Z you will be able to fly a quick shuttle between Dubai (OMDB) and Doha (OTBD) - 55 minutes flight time circa - In addition simMarket was so kind to sponsor us for this event and will be offering credits for their products to the winners of our draw at the end of the event. Routes: OMDB-OTBD: RANBI A415 DOH (Max FL280) OTBD-OMDB: DOH L305 ITITA A791 DESDI (Max FL270) Dubai Charts HERE Doha Charts HERE
  9. For information, VATME website is currently under maintanance! A new website will be released in not long. Regards,
  10. Congrats to all! We just forgot to say: Abdelrahman M. Elfeky was appointed not long ago as ATC Training Director (VATME4), so lets congratulate him aswell! Regards,
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