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  1. 3-5 per week fits with what we've averaged over the last 12 months. I am interested in how you create the same environment on the network as we can in the sweatbox.
  2. It's probably not indexed by Google, to be honest. Also, there's an extra option to change that we'll update soon. In Assistance>Piloting, change Delegate ATC to AI to OFF. This prevents your co-pilot from changing frequencies and squawk codes for you without any input, which has been causing problems on the network.
  3. BVA has updated our Getting Started Guide for MSFS recently and should provide what you're looking for: https://forum.bvartcc.com/uploads/bva/GettingStarted/MSFS/index.html?Page=setup_index.html
  4. I am having this issue as well. Xpilot will freeze about 5 minutes after opening. You can still receive voice, but not transmit. If you click into the program window, it will freeze and throw an error message that the program has stopped responding and needs to close. I initially thought it was because I still had the xswiftbus plugin still in the folder, but I have removed it and I'm still having the same problem. EDIT 1: I was checking settings before reinstall and noted that the TCP port was set to 1. When I reinstalled, it was set to 45001. Doing some more testing. EDIT 2: Uninstal
  5. I installed fresh and created a brand new file with completely default settings and still get the error. One of our controllers said he was able to get it to work with a re-install with our facility files. Any updates?
  6. You can transmit on multiple frequencies but you can only have a single frequency primed and able to accept connections.
  7. Any update on this? This also affects your primed frequency and requires a complete restart of vSTARS.
  8. Boston issued at corrected METAR today and I got a strange error when that occurred. The METAR display showed the correct information but the one loaded in the ATIS preview and spoken in was 00000KT, SKC, 00/22, 2992. Two controllers observed this same issue. I imagine it's something to do with the correction but I couldn't find a way to correct it manually.
  9. I have the same issue and reinstalling 1.2.4 fixed it for me as well, so it definitely seems like a VRC issue.
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