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  1. You need to take and pass the Intro exam found on this page before you can connect to the network: https://my.vatsim.net/exams
  2. Before you can connect to the network you will need to take and pass the intro exam on this page: https://my.vatsim.net/exams Good luck!
  3. Keep in mind that the 5 second refresh rate is client to client. Website maps that show VATSIM traffic can have up to 5 minutes delay!
  4. Just to quickly chime in here considering that I personally issued hundreds(!) of P1s under the old system. The old P1 was never meant to be anything other than an overview of VATSIM, the basic rules and how to connect and fly. The lessons we had at the ATO where I instruct were self-paced, didn't require any instructor interaction and definitely did not assess any flying skills. When I originally took my P1, at about the same time as you did, there was a practical component to the rating but that went away later on. You can contact the Pilot Training Department and plead your case but it may
  5. All the ratings were changed in August last year and your P1 became a P0 under the new system. See this news article for details: https://www.vatsim.net/news/restructuring-pilot-rating-system
  6. You need to decide on the sim first. For P3D the FSLabs birds are the best although they are a bit pricey! X-Plane has some nice ones too - or so I've been told. If you are looking for a well modelled Airbus then I would probably pass on FS2020 for a little while yet...
  7. Looks like they just turned on the authentication requirements. See this post for info:
  8. This wasn't really related to the original question so please start a new topic next time. You can visit this link and follow the instructions: https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/train/upload
  9. Here are the requirements for the airplane to be used for the P1: Aircraft allowed to be used for this pilot rating must be: ● Fixed wing ● Non-Complex (No retractable gear or controllable pitch propellers) ● Single engine and Piston driven ● Max Gross weight less than 5670kg (12,500lbs) Beyond that it is up to use to select the aircraft and model that you are comfortable with. At VATSTAR we do not allow the use of GPS as the primary means of navigation so like Mats, I would also recommend the steam gauges however the material that we use teaches both so it is really up to yo
  10. According to VATSIM's records, you were awarded your P1 on May 10. Where does it not appear?!
  11. Binary numbers. So: 1 - P1-PPL (0001) 3 - P2-IR (0011) 7 - P3-CMEL (0111) 15 - P4-ATPM (1111)
  12. He has not. Go to this page: https://my.vatsim.net/exams Take the exam - wait up to 24 hours before trying to connect.
  13. No way to do that. Only aircraft that are connected to VATSIM are visible to other users!
  14. And also a heads-up that once you manage to get xPilot to talk to your sim you still need to pass the Intro Exam before you can connect to the network. You can find it here: https://my.vatsim.net/exams
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