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  1. Read the "Tips and Tricks" section in this post: Let us know if it doesn't solve your problem. (Also, for most of us this is a simulation - not a "game"...)
  2. A quick correction on the Zulu (UTC) times. Always use the 24-hour clock. So in your example if it is 3PM in Paris you have to enter 1300z. I find this website useful for date/time calculations: http://www.timeanddate.com
  3. Alexey, the way to become a Pilot Instructor is to contact one of the Authorized Training organizations listed on this page: https://ptd.vatsim.net/atos Each ATO has different requirements. For example VATSTAR, which is the ATO that I represent, has the available positions listed on this page: http://vatstar.com/index.php/apply-for-job
  4. Let me just speak to this briefly as I am the CFI at VATSTAR. We decided to no longer offer the P3 or P5 as after the transition a P2 and P4 is sufficient to receive the new ratings. Instead we have hired additional staff and streamlined our training program to get all of our students certified within a reasonable timeframe. We currently have 1,140 members on our Discord server and in April issued 150 certifications. This is a 416% increase from the the same period last year. We are in the process of changing our offerings to the new curriculum and will be ready on September 1!
  5. And to add to the answers; VATSIM pilot ratings are 100% optional, not easily visible to ATC and have absolutely no influence on what you can or cannot do on the network!
  6. Since the new Code of Conduct came into effect a delivery/ground controller can post an ATIS with anyone providing local control. You are quoting and old version of the CoC.
  7. How exactly are you trying to approach VATSTAR? Are you trying to partner with us to establish a partnership to train your pilots trough us or are you trying to set up your own ATO? We accept partnerships from any established VAs and any changes to the training program will not affect this. It really isn't clear to me what your problem is or what you are trying to do. Feel free to reach out to us - you can find our contact details on our website! -- Tomas Hansson VATSTAR CFI
  8. Ignore - didn't read the message properly...
  9. VATSIM is VA and callsign agnostic. As such, a particular callsign (or VA) cannot be "banned" from VATSIM (with the exception of callsign that were involved in real-world incidents). What you probably are seeing is that some 3rd party tools don't recognise the callsign. You will need to contact the support staff for those tools directly as VATSIM does not manage these tools!
  10. Why not? I am sure the facility that you are providing feedback to has a way to match the CID to the controller. If it is the feedback form itself that is the issue, I would recommend leaving feedback about the way to do feedback! 😂
  11. If there is no controller locally or above the airport that you are departing from then you obviously can't get an IFR clearance from anyone. File your flightplan as usual, announce your taxi and take-off intentions on Unicom (122.800) and depart while keeping an eye out for traffic. Enjoy your flight!
  12. AFVDATA is the voice server. You don't connect to that one. Instead pick the server that is geographically closest to you. Windows defender should not be an issue...
  13. Cliff, I am not sure what you are referring to. Yes, there will be new pilot ratings available as of that date but they will all be voluntary! There will be a basic knowledge test required for new members only. Nothing will change for existing members so don't expect any new "standards" whatsoever on June 1!
  14. Most likely you are exceeding the character limit. Try clearing out your remarks. None of the information that you posted is required.
  15. Start here: https://www.vatsim.net/pilot-resource-centre You can also go through the excellent training provided by the various training organizations: https://ptd.vatsim.net/atos Come back here if you have any specific questions.
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