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  1. In the US you file the SID and STAR as part of your flight plan. Once filed you are expected to fly the route unless ATC makes any amendments. In Canada you file your own STAR however the SID will be assigned to you be Delivery.
  2. Only members that joined after August 17, 2020 need to take the intro exam (P0). Anyone who joined before that date was grandfathered in. You can see your pilot ratings by going to either stats.vatsim.net or my.vatsim.net.
  3. Did you mean FLAi? For which sim? If for FS2020 then it will not work...
  4. Did you complete your P0 training? If not then go to https://my.vatsim.net/exams and take the exam. You cannot fly on the network until you do.
  5. I am not sure who gave you the 0200 and 2000z times. That may have been our intro flights. All our P1 training is self-study for the written material. You then have an option to record your practice flights. It is only the checkride that needs to be done with an instructors and we have several that are close to your timezone. Feel free to give us another try!
  6. Yes, this is deliberate - you need to have a controller rating higher than OBS in order to transmit in an ATC client.
  7. I think you are confusing P-ratings (Pilot Ratings) with S-ratings (Controller Ratings). The divisions teach and issue controller ratings so if you were issued an S1 (or S2) those are still on your account. The original P1 was a self-study rating that our students at VATSTAR completed in 30 minutes or less. (Edit: If you really mean that the division took one year to teach you the P1 rating then they either grossly misunderstood what the P1 rating was all about or you took a very, very long time to finish it!)
  8. Rumour has it that the CFI of VATSTAR accepts payment in virtual beer! 🙂 (Thank you Mats for posting the link.) VATSTAR currently offers the new P1-PPL and P2-IR ratings with the other two to follow soon(TM).
  9. As per Ross' post, I don't believe any ports are required to be opened these days:
  10. Since this a VATSTAR question, I would recommend that you ask in the Discord server. That what it is there for! To answer your question - in case anyone else is interested: For the P2 checkride you can use any aircraft that you are comfortable hand-flying for at least 30 minutes. A lot of our students use the default FSX C172 or whatever else is freely available in the sim.
  11. We also have a large number of training organizations that offer both general help getting started on VATSIM and more advanced training. You can see a list here: https://ptd.vatsim.net/atos
  12. Have a look at www.vatstar.com. We definitely don't have any "complicated" processes to sign up and besides Discord, there is no need for additional software. Although we do most of our training in the US airspace, we have at least one instructor available in your timezone.
  13. Did you confirm that you are connected and there is traffic and ATC around you? If yes then do a search on these forums for similar issue. If you still can't resolve it post again with a screenshot of your audio settings...
  14. The PTD login functionality is restricted to VATSIM and ATO staff. If you believe that you should have access then contact Ethan Hawes who is the VP of Pilot Training (https://www.vatsim.net/staff/board-of-governors). If you are not part of an ATO maybe if you explained to us why you are trying to log in to the PTD we may be able to provide alternate solutions...
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