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  1. Dear VATEUD members, I am hereby resigning from my VATEUD1 position. I will also step back from my duties as a VATSIM supervisor, and end my VATSIM ATC career. I do not intend to spend any time on the network for the foreseeable future. There are fundamental differences between me and other VATSIM staff members about the direction VATSIM should take into a prosperous future, and I do not see any chance for my ideas to fall on fruitful ground here. Dear VATEUD members, it has been a great pleasure and an honor for me to be at your service during these past years. I wish you all the b
  2. Hi Paul, Norman is right. You may head over directly to the Eurocenter Webpage. For getting affiliated as a visiting controller, contact the EUC vACC director, Mike Sweeney, directly.
  3. Congrats Christian! Wishing you all the best for your new position!
  4. Hello guys, with some help, the VATEUD website is up and running. We will now set up eMail adresses again, the vateud1 eMail addy is already working now. Other services should be up shortly also.
  5. Hello, the domain transfer is still ongoing (all necessary things from our side are done), so unfortunately no news. The site has been set up at the new location, so we are waiting for the domain to be transferred.
  6. Hello Stephen, the site went down again during last night. Yesterday evening everything was OK. I need to get in contact with Nico first to get more details.
  7. Hello Adan, this is an international forum, please try to use english . Could someone please help by translating the message? .
  8. Dear VATEUD members, as of now, the VATEUD webpages and the VATEUD staff forum are down. VATEUD Training Department pages (Eurotest, manuals etc.) are not affected. We are working to get the pages back up as soon as possible.
  9. Hello Brett, you may want to check with the colleagues from Latvia directly here: http://www.lv-vacc.org/ . Usually Eastern Europe "Prime Time" is from19:00h - 23:00h local time, which equals 1700z-2100z during the winter. Their timezone is GMT+2 .
  10. Ah, that may be indeed the problem. My "backline" (the line to close a sectorline for a neighbours sector) may make the sector very tiny. OK - I will experiment with larger neighbour sectors.
  11. Hello Opher, Ì experienced exactly the same here. Looks a little bit like ES would loose contact with neighbour ATC for a few seconds - perhaps some kind of a timing problem?
  12. Hello gents, is it possible to create subgroups in the [FREETEXT] section of an ESE file? Currently, all my freetext entries do appear in one "Default Group" in the Display Settings dialog. I t would be nice if we could individually control parts of the freetext section there .
  13. Hello, many thanks to all who answered. Had my final "breakthrough" in understanding the ESE file yesterday (special thanks to Oliver Gruetzmann and Bernhard Harb!), and now the rest is mostly "simple work" .
  14. Hello gents, I have some difficulties setting up an ESE file correctly. The following situation is given: The ESE file contains a correct definition for my center sector, covering the whole country. Now there is an APP sector residing completely inside the center sector. I have set up a correct, closed borderline (sectorline) for that APP sector. Both sectors are also defined in the SECTOR: subsection. Euroscope starts up without reporting errors. Now I launch the simulation server to test my ESE file. As long as I am active alone as center without any other positions active, th
  15. Me too , but non of the above (at least not regularily).
  16. Dear members, I proud to present Mr. Florian Harms to you as the new VATEUD6: Event Coordinator and VA Liaison. Florian brings with himself a tremendous experience from his long-term engagement with Speedbird Online (British Airways Virtual) in a similar position. I´m sure he will be soon give events in VATEUD new momentum, and new inspirations. Plese join me in welcoming Florian in his new position. All the best, and good luck, Flo!
  17. Gentlemen, in the northwest corner of our division, Stephen Naughton has as of today handed over the director duties to Stephen Murphy. VATEUD wants to express it´s thanks to Stephen Naughton for fulfilling the chief´s position in Ireland, and we wish him all the best for his new life cycle, where academic studies will be in the focus of his attention. Gents, please also give Stephen Murphy a very warm welcome. Some of you will know him already from the Instructor course he completed not long ago. Stephen, all the best for your new position! (Now that´s an easy transition: Yo
  18. Dear forum members, as of today, one of our well-known vACC directors, Marek Pola from vACC Scandinavia, has handed over reponsbility to his successor, and is now enjoing a new part of life with the newest member of his family: His daugther Kajsa. VATEUD would like to thank Marek Pola for all he has done for both vACC Scandinavia and VATEUD. Enjoy your family life Marek, and we all hope that we will spot you on VATSIM´s skies from time to time! Gents, this is also the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the new director in vACC Scandinavia: Christian Sager has been elexted by
  19. Dear members, VATSIM Europe Division is now accepting applications for the position of VATEUD6 - Events Coordinator & VA Liaison Applications will be accepted until September 3rd, 2400z by eMail addressed to vateud1 (at) vateud.org . VATEUD6 area of responsibility is twofold: On one side he is responsible for organizing large, division-wide events, and he his duty also is to support vACC in organizing and promoting their events. On the other hand he has to maintain a liaison to Virtual Airlines in the VATEUD area, and to include them in event planning and organizing. VATEUD6
  20. Dear members, It is with sadness that I have to report the resignation of Donato Torrese from the position of VATEUD6, Events Coordinator and VA Liaison. During all the time in the VATEUD staff Donato has been a good staff comrade and thoughtful advisor. I would like to thank him for his dedication and efforts he has donated to VATEUD. The position of VATEUD6 is now open for applications. Interested members should check the VATEUD website for application details. Also, a call for applications will follow here soon as well.
  21. Hello Bejamin, you need to be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to a vACC in the Baltics. Please drop me a note at vateud1 (at) vateud (dot) org, and tell me to which vACC (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) you want to be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to. I will also tell you the next steps to get you started with your ATC training.
  22. FYI, this is a concept which is used in other parts of the world with great success. So one can say it´s proven. It also emphasizes the concept of VATSIM being a "learning environment", as it allows for more "know-how transfer". There should be no "priviledge of teaching" which is limited to instructor ratings. Transferring know-how is an inherent task for all of us.
  23. Hello, you can find a very comprehensive scenery list here: http://walhalla.mine.nu/fs2004.php
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