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  1. from what I gather it will only support the old Duo-Cores. I think as upgradable as they want to make products appear, the fact is most are obsolete by the time they even hit storeshelves these days. the only time I actually ever did ugrade a cpu was going from a 486-33 to a 66mhz
  2. My work around is this.. Select your aircraft, select your airport, save the flight as the "default on startup", and then relaunch the sim altogether. A restart won't take nearly as long as running it for the first time, as a lot of the system prep work has already been done by the first run. The problem with just switching aircrafts is that it doesn't address the preload of the airport. Though I beleive you can disable preload for scenery altogether.
  3. Basically you load up the Cessna first or even leave it as your default aircraft, and that will reset the sim engine so you could use a more complex addon. Still it's another work around that should be solved by the addon maker, not the user. My understanding is PMDG does the sim engine reset while you wait for the countdown clock.
  4. Found this.. might be useful as well but its fairly basic as is. Just recognizes and highlights the code. But I'm sure PHP is in the works, they've already done so much with IIS. http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/2a10ba81-26c5-47d9-939b-6bcc7bbec251 Now if they only had a free version of SQL Redgate Prompt..that looks killer
  5. Well it's definitely memory related.. but the thing is what's trashing the memory, the cpu or the ram. The only one thing I can tell you it isn't one single program as a bunch of them seem to be throwing the memory violation. My guess you need to clean the case... you shouldn't be getting 70degrees without overclocking.
  6. Jeffrey: none. you need to match the internal slider settings according to what aircraft scenery you are using. So just benchmark everything and scale back to get the FPS you desire. For example PMDG uses very high detail bitmaps and a lot of them, so you can't share the same settings for the NGX and the Aerosoft A32X. Some places you probably don't have airport scenery so you would again use different settings for addons versus default. Benchmark, benchmark, and benchmark again. Only way. No static file manipulation is going to solve problems when the root cause is you throwing t
  7. Odd this turned into a mac vs pc thread when the ati 5750 was in question.
  8. Definitely there was a time when network software was intended for trusted users only. God forbid if you were silly enough to run ftpd on the internet.
  9. Thats the thing, not only are they great tools they are absolutely free. It's easy to hate Microsoft but they are a different company in my eyes ever since the EU ruled on software bundling. They didn't realize Microsoft would just "open source" all their APIs after that point. Sure the end user pays the cost, but the individual developer doesn't have to pay a dime ever. If you bought Visual Studio, it was for the $10,000 Team Manager or their $100,000 test lab manager, or some other expensive addon tool.
  10. I think it'll be soon. The benefits are mainly if you are using a "single" app such as on a tablet or smartphone. I don't even think they're really trying to market it as a desktop replacement, at least not yet.
  11. Just make sure you set your Global Texture Size to Medium whenever using PMDG aircraft. PMDG does go overboard with their textures, but then again that's what the customer wants.
  12. Kevin: I think this is what you are looking for http://canadianxpress.ca/Xpress/Default.aspx . I personally do have fanboy nature about Microsoft and especially their development environment. The cost of ownership is definitely going down, and Microsoft servers are already fairly competive with their Linux counter parts when it comes to cloud services. It's at the point where even running Apache/PHP on the Windows Platform might make sense to some just because they are 100% familiar with using Windows 7 already and of course Visual Studio/Access. I think it would be grand to have a C#
  13. Depends on the pricing available to you. i7-860 is certainly pricey since it's made for the 1156 motherboard. Locally it's priced higher than the 2600K. So maybe even a 2500K with a new board might be a bit extra but well worth the upgrade as I imagine you'd get that extra value from it, especially if you plan to overclock.
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