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  1. Email either VATASIA1 or VATASIA2 requesting permission. Normally if you are a controller wtih good record, there should be no reason as to why they would stop more online presence in their region. Arjun
  2. Was on the same frequency when this happened!!! Certainly brought up a laugh
  3. "[callsign], resume own navigation, position 3000nm south west of Singapore, track direct to Singapore, flight planned route" (or one of the cities around singapore). What else but a GPS Direct flight plan Some really good quotes on here. Love the Dhruv Kalra comparison with "FAA and i'm here to help"
  4. Highly Recommend VOZ scenery as Phillip said. It has scenery for all of Australia and downloading and installing it will mean you don't need any others for Australia. You can also individually download scenery for Sydney only.
  5. Cmon Guys, Theres a clear line between online "simulation" and real world procedures. There are some things we do, some things we can't. Our main bottom line is for us all to have fun. If the realism aspect ruins the fun of others while not making anyone else have ANY extra fun, then is it really necessary? In this situation, FTW CTR and the Pilot looses fun simply because we simulate something online that improves our experience/fun factor in no way what so ever. If someone flies GPS Direct from KJFK - KLAX, does it really matter? Is it goign to affect the controllers? The pilot
  6. There are two programs in here (http://www.avsimrus.com/f/for-flight-controllers-20/) called af2sct and sctdraw that looks interesting. I haven't tested them yet but it certainly seems like it does what is asked. I also use the Google KML with that file (KZNY one) mentioned a few posts ago to turn it into .sct format
  7. Ah damn sorry should've checked it before. I think i know what feature ou're talking about. Disregard my last post and i'll do that configuration. Arjun
  8. Hey Gergely, The ZLC LInk doesn't seem to work althought that may just be me. THe Sectorfiles for Australia: (VATPAC): http://vatpac.org/cms/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=109&func=select&id=6 Papua New Guinea (AYPM FIR): http://vatpac.org/cms/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=109&func=fileinfo&id=129 New Zealand (VATNZ): http://www.vatnz.net/cms/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=63&func=select&id=1 Arjun
  9. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!!!!!!! GOO DEEPAN!!! Deepan FTW!!! Deepan Deepan Deepan !! (Encore Encore) Good work Deepan, this position is well deserved following your high amounts of contribution and efforts to our Virtual Flying Experience Arjun
  10. Go to Settings ---> General ---> Button Bar ---> and enable "Show Reminders Button" button and then click ok. That shoudl bring it up. If you can see your callsign but not the clock, check that your computers time and timezone is set correctly. Arjun
  11. Probably a newer tower controller thinking you go to the eastern runway for an eastbound departure. You should've gotten a Kampi1 of 16R or a Richmond 2 Radar off 34L or a sydney 3. Now you know for next time . 16L/34R is only used by heavies if an aircraft is broken down on 16R/34L. Theres a video on youtube somewhere of a 747 taking off on 34R but its not usual. Arjun
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