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  1. Hey Guys, My old computer just broke today after surviving 6 years. Time to get a new computer. I normally always buy a desktop computer, but now I need to buy a laptop for university. I'm looking at being able to fly on fsx and play other games on the laptop, but also good for school work. Money won't be a issue. What would be one the best laptops to purchase? Thanks for the help, I appreciate your time.
  2. Hi Arnold, There was a problem with the VATSIM CERT system recently, but now it should be fix. Let me know, if you still get the problem. Welcome to VATSIM!
  3. Hi Guys, What type of headsets would you recommend for FS and ATC?
  4. Hey Guys, How exactly do you separate each flight strips to Departure, Arrivals, VFR and overflight? Looking like this http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/ss_strip_bay_small.shtml
  5. Welcome to VATSIM Brian! Your love it here.
  6. I should be able to join this weekeng, if you are planing anything.
  7. Could we find it on the App store for the Iphone?
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