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  1. Excellent choice, congratulations Flo! Sascha
  2. Welcome to the show The VACC-Austria will support the opening event with at least LOWW_APP (for the inbounds/outbounds over Austrian airspace). Regards, Sascha
  3. Hi Cillian! There is a mistake in the stand definitions... They have to be numbered beginning with STAND1, STAND2,... You missmatched the columns So your code should look like: DisplayTypeName:OCC View DisplayTypeNeedRadarContent:0 DisplayTypeGeoReferenced:0 PLUGIN:OCC view:AIRPORT:EINN PLUGIN:OCC view:FINAL:2 PLUGIN:OCC view:LINES:27 PLUGIN:OCC view:TOPEMPTY:120 PLUGIN:OCC view:BOTTOMEMPTY:60 PLUGIN:OCC view:LEFTEMPTY:60 PLUGIN:OCC view:RIGHTEMPTY:120 PLUGIN:OCC view:SEPARATOR1:9 PLUGIN:OCC view:SEPARATOR2:18 PLUGIN:OCC view:SEPARATOR3:27 PLUGIN:OCC view:STAND1:23:S23:0:0:N052.
  4. Okay, so the commands are entered correctly... Are you sure, the ASR file is correct? What do you mean with "if we want to move the aircraft"? You can't move the aircraft, you only can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign gate numbers/information. Sascha
  5. I didn't want to make it that complicated There must be still a misunterstanding! Jonas is thinking like I do, so let me try to point this out: If you ONLY set some text in the command line (no additional ), the user has manually to send this message. So there is no possibillity to program an automated loop. Btw: I do NOT want to send a private message, just creating a text which should be sent by the controller on the primary frequency...
  6. Hi Carl! No, there is no list, there can't be a complete list Every developer has to decide, weather he wants to share the plugin with the hole community. For example some plugins are completly useless for users outside a special VACC... And always keep in mind, if you find & download a plugin you should trust the providing server/developer/... Plugins are just a peace of software doing SOMETHING on your computer. There is no guarantee, that they are not evil! Sascha
  7. Hi Pedro! Did you try the key commands from my posting on the first site? Is the command taken (it disappears from the command line) from the plugin? Sascha
  8. Okay, I think I get it now Maybe there is an other possibillity to solve the "problem". Is there a chance to get an interface for registering a new build in function (e.g. $etd like $squawk) using a callback method? So I can write an alias using this functions and have the text ready to send.
  9. Hi Todor! Sorry, but I didn't get the point... I don't want to send something automatically. I don't see the difference between setting a string into the command line from my plugin than from the ES-TAG for example.
  10. Hi! Maybe I pointed out something wrong... I don't want to send text via private chat! I just want to create a string and set them into the command line input window, so the user can edit that string an send it on the primary frequency. Let's [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume its not my plugin, but the OCC prlugin. If you [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign an aircraft to a gate, it would be nice to have for text aircrafts a message in the command line like "Your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned gate is 6A" (similar to selecting values in a TAG of a text-only aircraft). Sascha
  11. Thanks for the quick answer, although bad news Sascha
  12. Hi! I've a new problem/question I didn't find a possibility to add new shortcuts for text inputs (similar to $squawk) to modify the command line... To make my problem more clear, I calculate an ETD (estimated time of departure) and would like to prepare a message on the primary frequency using something similar like "Your ETD is 20:05Z". The controller should type "Your ETD is $ETD" and the PlugIn should change "$ETD" to "20:05Z". I was also thinking to make the text static like ".etd" and the plugin writes "Your ETD is 20:05Z". I only can p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] a complete comm
  13. Thank you very much! Now I only have to get that working Sascha
  14. Hi Gergely! Thanks for your information, but I'm not sure if I have everything understood correctly, let's imagine two examples: *) Scratchpadstring is empty *) Setting the clearance/STS flag (via CLEA/PUSH/...) *) Setting the scratchpadstring to "Test" I would imagine that, after setting the clearance/STS flags the display in the ES clients keep empty, right? Do I have to wait a while before setting the scratchpad to "Test"? *) Scratchpadstring is "Test" *) Setting the clearance/STS flag (via CLEA/PUSH/...) If I understood you correctly, after setting the clearance/STS fl
  15. Hi Todor! Thanks for your replay. I thought about this posibillity already, but I need the scratchpad to store (and distribute) other information to neighborhood controllers. So I need a direct way to set the clearance flag/STS mode Sascha
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