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  1. Okay, nice one. Had lots of fun with the colleagues in VATFRANCE and great pilots flying thru my sector. Thank you all for participating and for doing this stunt. And thanks to our Web and Servers team for creating a real stable setup. Better than ever. Can't wait for the next one. Oh wait, its already 1st week on November: World Flight Flo
  2. Hi Craig and all other. Craig: never give up. If you are addicted like most of us is, this hobby can stay for a veeeery long time. I started more than a decade with VATSIM, and I think i had less than 10 days not liking the experience. Sometimes chaos is taking over for sure, but hey, we are all humans (simply ask the pilots flying thru my airspace while I am controlling) . I fully remember my first online flights and the laughter I've heard asking for "progressive taxi"... But that's not the end of the world. For me it was the beginning. Some tips for new pilots or those new to t
  3. Thaaanks. Why read manuals? Ignorance is the mother of all adventures... Flo
  4. Yup, not good to do admin thingies in late evening hours. ONE klick was missing... grrrr Should work now. Can you try it please? flo
  5. possibly a problem, however the mailadresse is valid, connected and rfc compliant... [email protected] If you get an error, resend it directly to my vateud-address [email protected] flo
  6. Fellow VATSIM Air Traffic Controllers, summer time is over and we are working on the highlight event in VATSIM this year. Worldflight 2018 is coming up. Starting in Sydney on November 3rd 2018 and ending 48 legs later in Sydney on November 10th, this is the perfect adventure for Flight Sim enthusiasts and our controllers. This is an invitation for everyone rated S3 or higher who is able to handle a real amount of traffic even in rarely controlled areas in our VATSIM World. We are simply looking for those able to work in stress and deal with up to 200 aircrafts on a group fight
  7. okay api should work again, maybe a bit slow since possible caching needs to be created. Flo
  8. Many reasons for that outage, mainly the ISP did an update to the servers landscape and api didn't come online again. Need to check. Flo
  9. Fellow friends, VATEUD.NET is online again (since a few days). Few things will be tweaked the next weeks, but the basic stuff is available again. The major reason why we had to take down the old site within hours has been discussed in other areas. But just to give you a hint: NEVER use pictures on a website you aren't sure about the publishing rights - I knew that problem was coming up with the old site, but I wasn't able to remove that old stuff and parallel building up a new site (and even I have a life to live) I would like to thank especially Morten and Nestor for helping with the
  10. Interesting arguments here, lets wrap them up. "I fly offline if this or that station is online". Sorry mate, this IS nonsense (or simply fly offline to have the feeling of being the master of the airspace). I also could go offline as ATC if a certain pilot crosses my airspace. Both ideas are running against the idea of a network like VATSIM. I guess lots of RW pilots also would like sometimes that sometimes this or that RW controller decides different by sequencing traffic in a crowded sector. Thats life. This all has rarely something to do with the idea presented in the preamble of our C
  11. I guess, Martin has my email address for any complaints... Florian
  12. Fellow VATSIM Controllers, it is time to gather around for the longest event of the year: Worldflight 2017 Nov. 4th 2200utc - Nov. 11th 0855utc This year, we start in Sydney (as usual) and the event runs eastbound around the globe in 49 legs. In other words: seven days, 24h, with a group of pilots. We normally count 40-120 participants/leg. Worldflight is a charity event. Every year, owners of fixed simulators (real cockpits) offer to use their setups by normal VATSIM pilots on donation basis. The doners can book cockpits. All donations go directly and without any cuts to differen
  13. Gents, thanks for the answer to the colleague. However, it is simply too short to state "English is primary" and so on as it sounded in a few answers. It is correct that English is primary language in VATSIM. However: if a mentor is unable to mentor in English, nothing is won. And we have many local organisations in VATSIM in which the ATC team might have problems to give trainings in English. Its not nice, but it is simply the situation. Since mentors are working in their free time to give knowledge to trainees, who should convince them to do that in a language they might be not perfect
  14. Tom et all: Thanks for this topic. First of all: If you have problems with your local VACC, the Division is your SPOC. Please use the way to find solutions shortly. In your case, Tom, please drop me an email to [email protected] And this is also for you others in EUD who have questions or need [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. We can work on the problems and normally find solutions. The way from your local VACC IS the division, so either my desk or the desk of one of the other team leads at VATEUD. Check http://vateud.net/operations/vateud-staff and your have your contacts... On my exp
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