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  1. I am running EuroScope v3.2.1.26 (beta) on Windows 10 Pro. When loading the application, I assume that it should not be allowed on the screen as we do not want the plugin to be displayed on every ASR we load (we just need a ground layout) and for that we have a different "screen" setting. Maybe the window could be moved with holding right click or something, without having the borders? Or having a config to place it somewhere specifically on the screen (screen coordinates, pixels). Non-clickable buttons happened on 4K screen, haven't checked 2K/1080p yet. Thanks!
  2. I have contacted Sami from UniATIS to see what we can do in terms of HTTPS.
  3. Couple of bugs I recognised: 1. Plugin is drawing on "Standard ES radar screen" although it is set to be forbidden on this screen 2. Double click on border disappear makes the clocks too small and the right two buttons are not clickable Maybe it's possible to introduce a setting so that it's run default without borders? 3. Is it possible to show the seconds amount instead of minutes? (on selection, countdown can be minutes:seconds) Thanks for your work!
  4. Thanks for the update. Couple of questions: What is the status of AFV? When would ATC Client for AFV get rolled (if ever)? Does VATSIM have a plan to integrate AFV into EuroScope? When would proper 25 kHz frequencies be introduced, or even 8.33 kHz? Would there be a technical option to enable custom voice files for ATIS instead of serverside text-to-speech?
  5. Would there be an opportunity to use own voice files again instead of server-based TTS?
  6. Any estimate when AFV with be integrated into EuroScope without using AFV standalone?
  7. Exists for quite a long time (latest beta and all previous), that flight plan route does not load either until coming closer to my airspace, or not at all. In the example, the last waypoint in the flight plan is "R" which picks a co-named NDB in my airspace, coordinating the label as well. The aircraft has actually nothing to do with crossing my airspace (EETT). This is the flight plan from VATSIM (full one from data file): PECAN1A PECAN V10 SIKOU/K0943S0980 R339 BSE A599 LINSO/N0509F320 A599 LSO A201 ANSOS/N0501F340 A201 LKN R594 DPN A589 BUTOP M875 DI/N0482F360 N644 LEMOD A90
  8. One of VATSIM Marketing team representatives advised me to post the event here due to technical issues to assign new roles. I am aware of all VATSIM developments, including myVATSIM, because I am Head of VACC Estonia as well. M-J
  9. VACC Estonia in cooperation with Polish VACC are delighted to invite you this Friday to our Autumn countrylink event, when you will have the opportunity to fly between Warszawa and Tallinn FIRs during 3 hours! Two grand and beautiful countries with full ATC coverage in both capitals and regional aerodromes will be at your best service. Want to try your hand flying with business jet? Or looking for an excuse to fly some cargo? Very well, now is your chance! From Tallinn FIR side we will provide ATC service for Tallinn and AFIS service for Kärdla and Kuressaare, other aerodromes either on r
  10. However, tonight after upgrading to alpha version, I got another crash and this time I got the dump
  11. I was running the latest stable version (after the crash though I decided to update to alpha channel). Unfortunately the dump is 0 kb, so I cannot share anything else.
  12. Hello, After 10 h of longhaul over Canarias FIR, I have received the following error: that's also the last one available for Log.txt file. I use Bluebell CSL and converted OBJ8 XCSL objects.
  13. Request is still active. Could you please contact by email mentioned above if you are interested. Mark-Julius
  14. I think there is a separate forum for technical development... 🙂 Someone correct me, if I am wrong.
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