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  1. hmmm... 27R, holding points (HORKA, OSTER, etc)... By chance, IS THIS HEATHROW? -Rodger
  2. Kevin, I could possibly make your day along with many more people but according to Matthew they are lucky but in my point of view, they deserve it. You mentioned that you are a cadet in the USAF. Well Jeppesen gives away free worldwide charts to US military members. I'm not sure if its only for Active duty or not but my guess is that its just a matter of time before your active duty. I don't know exactly how it works out but you download that application form and you add in your information such as your command name, rank, etc and they will give you Jeppview for free with worldwide charts.
  3. I Wish I had more hands so I could give the LUAW 4 thumbs down. -Rodger
  4. A serious problem with my yoke has arrived and its getting worse. About 3 months ago couple of my buttons on my yoke would not work. Ive had this yoke for about 3-4 years. My best guess would be the things are worn out. Now a new button is missing and its a problem because its the hat switch. I cant pan to the left anymore and its makin me mad. I have CH products yoke. Is this problem most likely worn out recievers, or could I clean them out... Or would it just be reasonable to get a whole new yoke. thanks! -Rodger
  5. UAL597.. most eastern aircraft was me. Great event. I like that zmp ids. -Rodger
  6. Im having some problems with EasyFBW. It used to work with my old setup. Which was same hardware just I used to have Vista 32 bit. Now I have Windows 7 64 bit. The problem is, is that when I run it with it connect to FS but FBW toggle off, it works great. It cathes the joysticks movement. When I turn the FBW toggle to on.... it freezes and doesnt register any reading from my joystick.... Ive calibrated it, Ive ran it administrator, Ive ran it compatibility with vista and xp, with all the different service pack.s Anyone know what might be the problem? Thanks -Rodger
  7. is NPOLE and SPOLE gonna be on the flightplans? -Rodger
  8. This has been tried many times. Only the few can make it. Are you up to the challenge? Then join us. We are doing a VFR flight across the USA. Mostly VFR but if IMC weather rolls in then obviously we are going IFR. When: June 21st 2300z Where: Start of in Santa Monica (SMO) End in Bangor (BGR) What Aircraft: Twin engine turboprobs (Beechcraft Duke, Mooney Bravo, etc.) We are not asking no body to join us for the whole entire trip. If you would like to join us for a leg or two send me a PM or reply to this post and we will get you set up. Flying with full Procedure during this
  9. Alright Ill order a hard drive. Ill also try replacing the PATA cables to since I have a bunch of them lying around. I think what caused this was it overheating. The hard drive is covered with wires from my motherboard, and we live in a house with no AC anymore, and it gets hot. When I used to live in my old house we would have AC all the time and my computer would work fine. Ever since I moved Ive been having problems. Lucky enough its getting colder. Ive started backing up my data on my pen drives. So I am good on the backup. All set for my hard drive to crash. -Rodger
  10. I cant fly anymore. I fly on FS9 and whenever I fly, my hard drive makes a clicking noise. Its not the speakers I know for sure its my hard drive. Then after couple of secs to mins (it varries), Computer crashes and get the blue screen of death. This only happens when I fly MSFS. I am ok doing whatever but when I fly, I get the clicking sound. I did a test flight earlier today. I got the clicking sound again and my computer crashed. Windows was in the startup sequence. But it takes forever. It never stopped I let it do the startup for 15 mins and it made no progress. Couple of weeks ago Wi
  11. O wait lol I found it I might get home premium lol. So back to the question anyone know where to get 16 gigs? -Rodger
  12. So that means that to be able to use a lot of ram im going to need a NOS? Is FSX even compatible to a NOS lol? What was the most ram you can use on windows vista 64 bit? -Rodger
  13. O wow then he must be lucky to have that computer lol he also had Twin Nvidia video cards at 1.5 gigs of memory each.... SO lets say i want Vista 64 Bit. How much ram can I get... I want this computer to last and getting a lot of ram will help me do that... AND get the best performance on FSX. Ram isnt the only thing that im building up on.. I just cant find big ram.
  14. 16 GiG'S Of RAM. Im going to get a new computer and im trying to get the best things out there. Im looking for 16 gigs of ram. Ive seen it done so Ive been looking and I really cant find anything other than up to 8. Im looking for DDR3 RAM... Does anyone know where I could get 16 gigs?
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