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  1. Hi Guys Will the A318 be getting added to the aircraft types in the future to enable fuel planning and Vatsim flight bookings. As the A318 is now quite popular on the EGLC to EINN to KJFK routes with British Airways Virtual
  2. Being new to the General Screen Shots Forum I read Ruths listing of the rules. I just took it for granted that this is the way to do it!!. I then read the posts. Posts 1 to 9 seem to be from fairly mature minds . After Ruths thank you post, attitude started to go downhill and some of the posts seem to have arrived from some nursery school. I have only made a couple of posts however I find all the pics interesting, all the critisism good fun, all the semi pro stuff clever, some of the comments are really funny. Going from the post dates it looks as though the children are fed up of moani
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