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  1. The details and times (Local Times so currently GMT +1) are 100% real. There may be the odd time, where for operational reasons the runways are switched, but on VATSIM 99.9% of the time, it will be as per the rota. Cheers
  2. Probably becuase most p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers purchased thier tickets before the change over, so they probably have to use the old code as well, however ALL ICAO Flightplans are TOM and ALL Thomson flights use the flt number as the callsign, no more A or B Flights. Cheers
  3. My suggection is to purchase Jeppseen Jepview disc with the latest charts. For UK and Eire alone thats € 369.00 or in proper money £252.78! Jepview is really for airlines and aircraft operator, not for VATSIM users, use AIS and/or the eurocontrol AIP for them, and they are all FREE! Cheers
  4. BY098A/BAL098A NCL - MIR (Newcastle to Monastir) on Sunday 30th Will be the last service departing the United Kingdom, with the BY/BAL and "Britannia" name. As of May 1st, all BY/BAL (Britannia) will be replaced by TOM (IATA and ICAO) and the callsign "Thomson" Cheers
  5. Evening, Southampton and Bournemouth are getting STARs at the beggining of the next AIRAC starting on March 16th. The arrivals are the same for both airfileds and details are here: http://www.ais.org.uk/aes/pubs/aip/pdf/amend28/6A002.PDF Pilots and ATC may want to look these up, so they can become familiar with the procedures. Cheers
  6. Just a reminder, the SE RTS Real Operation Night is THIS SUNDAY from 1700z to 2230z covering Gatwick, Bournemouth and Southampton! Pilots wishing to fly, can book a flight here: www.serts.org/rops We still have many flights left with carriers from BA, Easyjet, First Choice, My Travel, Ryanair and man many more carriers, to/from destinations in the UK and all over europe! We badly need London TMA and Upper controllers (currently none!), here is a post from Gareth Williams, from the VATSIM-UK forum: Any avalible controllers can book thier position at: http://www.vatsim-uk.or
  7. Just to double check, I know there is another event, but there will be a London from 1700z? I know Dan is opening Bristol a little early, for some of us to Position in, just checking that the Guys on London, know its a 1700z start not an 1800z as per the booking calender. Cheers
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