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  1. Jackson, The VATUSA Knowledge Base covers this situation, please read it. You are not a member of ZOA until you join the facility (after passing the VATUSA Basic/S1 Exam, which you have). https://www.vatusa.net/help/kb#q8
  2. Davis, All facilities in VATUSA have published training policies/manuals that lay out expectations of students. If you are having issues finding this, or if you have other problems, please contact your Training Administrator. If you are not in a facility and have a question please e-mail myself and my Deputy, Austin Wilkins. vatusa3 and vatusa13 at vatusa dot net.
  3. For #FAAland: 7110.65 3-9-10 is your friend here for the proper phraseology. (Aircraft) Runway (number), cleared for takeoff. When discussing the surface wind, it should go between the runway number and the clearance. "American One, Runway tree one right, wind two eight zero at eight, cleared for takeoff". Appending "immediate" is governed by 2-1-5a (Though immediate is moreso an ICAO approved language not specific in the .65): "a. Use the word 'immediate[ly]' only when expeditious compliance is required to avoid an imminent situation." Usage of "without delay" should be limite
  4. You did everything right as Ryan noted. Please file feedback with ZAB regarding this, https://www.zabartcc.org/feedback
  5. I participated, there were quite a few AC back in 2014, the second attempt at it really went down in flames. It needs even more preparation and planning than Cross the Pond! Especially since most of the routes are ssssooooo long. Finding a way to limit it to 8 hour flights (somehow) would make more sense. There are lots of other crossings that could be cool though.
  6. Light Up America has happened a few times, that is similar to this event.
  7. Joshua, Yeah I can understand the frustration there, I have to zoom in on my charts usually to make stuff out.
  8. Joshua, You can pre-file your flightplan via https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/ As an aside, if you are using JAWS you should be able to get contextual menus to work though trial and error is certainly the case!
  9. I have used the payware one that is out just fine in v4.2.
  10. Getting a "website under heavy load" message and 503 when I try to use the API.
  11. I think pilots are getting more and more use to holds. That is definitely a great thing to see. Three of the last six FNOs required holds of at least ten minutes.
  12. ZOA did a fantastic job dealing with the weather and the vast amount of arrivals. It is great to have seen just how busy the past five or six FNOs have been! Weather can make them more fun (on both sides).
  13. Too true, too sad. Really needs payware scenery
  14. Jonah, While ZDC does meet every one of your requirements, I would recommend looking at some of the smaller facilities that certainly need more controllers: ZID, ZLC, ZKC, ZOB and ZAU come to mind. I would check each facility's website and you can always send the facility staff any questions ([email protected] where XXX is the there letter ARTCC identifier).
  15. John, Kyle Rodgers has some great videos for the NGX I would highly recommend checking out. https://www.youtube.com/user/scandinavian13/videos
  16. Oh how I wish our dear x-shaped terminal had scenery. That being said, REX's Airport Textures do help make things nice (Though it certainly does not match the outside, the lack of circular windows being the biggest haha).
  17. I am also getting this 10060 error as well, had another person try it too. I can connect to sweatbox in VRC fine, tracert it fine, etc.
  18. Ah okay so throwing a period wherever I want awkward pauses works. Thanks!
  19. Serious question, How can I replicate the annoying pauses that the KDCA ATIS has for realism sake? Departures may request runway one . . . five or three three for faster departure.
  20. Yeah I also have the same problem for the same reason as Paul. I know a lot of the software available does not work well for those of us that need adaptive help and that most designers do not go into their UI production with such in mind as there are very few. So if you can do it Justin that would be great, if not its cool arrow keys exist for a reason!
  21. I alerted my EC Alex, he is looking forward to your e-mail.
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