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  1. TY. Now for bad weather to return to DCA so I can do the LDA/DME again
  2. Rick Rump

    LDA approaches

    I can always type out the letters individually but that takes away the fun. LDA is being pronounced as "la", nice to know d is silent now! I know not everyone has the beautiful LDA approaches around but some of us do.
  3. Yeah that's the issue with it Luca, I just do not want to re-create the wheel. I know when I flew in CTP Westbound this year, Zurich had it. Thanks though. To expound: Its a google map that displays the overlay of the airport, when an aircraft is on the network at the lat/long for a gate, it shows the gate as occupied and lists the aircraft information. If no aircraft, it displays an icon showing that the gate is open.
  4. I have seen (and used) it for CTP and was wondering if any of you nice European vACCs that use it for CTP would not mind sharing it with those of us on the other side of the pond? Thanks!
  5. "Roger we'll follow the vegetable" -Some AAL following a GA to taxi to 19 at KDCA.
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