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  1. Strikes me that this should be separated into: 1. UNICOM on 122.80....text only as it is now 2. And separate and unique voice CTAF for specific airports (the committee can decided size, Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B, Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C, Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D, etc) that CAN be used (not MUST be USED) responsibly when there is no ATC. In this way, UNICOM would remain quiet, and those who choose to communicate by voice on CTAF can do so without affecting other pilots. This means adding CTAF frequencies as warranted or needed, without changing the coding that alrea
  2. I have downloaded and activated the complete WOAi and it works beautifully in vPilot, but I think it causes FSX Steam to load very slowly while all of those packages are processed. WOAi had a tool for FS9 that "hid" the AI aircraft during the startup of FS9. Is there a way to do the same for Steam? Can the matching sets be put in a different folder so they don't get processed on startup, but are still accessible? Thanks, Justin Friedland
  3. VATSIM ON SKY BLUE RADIO Saturday, October 10th at 1800z, is your opportunity to tune in and hear the future of VATSIM discussed by two of its most seasoned members, Vice President for Virtual Airlines and Special Operations, Roger Curtiss, and Executive Committee Chairman, Mark Richards. Between them, Roger and Mark have 40 years of experience in the online flight simulation world, both starting with VATSIM’s parent organization SATCO , and then helping to found and establish VATSIM as a force in the virtual aviation universe. This two hour discussion will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ess the
  4. VATSIM invites you all to welcome Federico Navarro to his new position as Director of the VATSIM South American Region. Federico comes to this position with 7 years of experience within the ranks of VATSIM, nearly 900 network hours as a pilot and over 700 hours as a controller. Most recently, he has been in the positions of trainer and Divisional Director for Central America and Panama. A private pilot in real life, Federico has his PPL, and is studying aviation in Washington, D.C. A native of Costa Rica, he has packed a lot into his 24 years, spending the last 4 working in the re
  5. Ross, I'm [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming operator error, but I'm being bedeviled by your fine program in one or two areas. The first is an inability to tag aircraft that enter my airspace without a handoff. They come in squawking 2200, call me, I give them a valid code for the airspace, they squawk and ident, but I still cannot take control of them. Moreover, F6 (slew) results in an "Ill Trk" error, instead of their flight plan. The only way to see the flight plan is to hit F6 and then type the squawk code and I still can't tag them. Why? My second frustration is with aircraft in gener
  6. for those of us whose Hebrew is rusty, could you please translate the note in the AFCAD file to english? Thanks, Justin Friedland
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